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In Rhythm & Sorrow

A yucky man in Bernice (accent on the first syllable!) stops Sam from going to the dogfighting, and there is a lot of backwoods 'tude and Sam doing his best "aw shucks I'm just a country boy what loves dogfighting" routine, but to no avail. He is simply too beautiful for this man to believe him. So there's a gun in the face and the yucky man takes away Sam's gun, and Sam drives away a little nervously back down the road. But not too far, because what Sam is making up in his mind is a total Sookie Stackhouse Plan par excellence.

Alcide tries to talk sense to Debbie, which is dumb, but he's very consistent about it, which is soothing. If you were going to be talked down from a V-fueled rage, Alcide would probably be the best bet for talking you down from it. But old Debbie, she's got a lot on her plate right now, even including the drugs coursing through her werewolf body, so whatever. Sookie hears in Debbie's brain a little pep talk about pulling it together, but of course the second Debbie starts thinking about getting a tad more drugs off of the vampire burrito, she throws down. They call each other "bitch," bitch.

Everybody tells Sookie to stop yelling "bitch" at the druggie, but Sookie doesn't give a damn, and Alcide talks about how shooting people for drugs isn't what Debbie's really like, again, and Debbie thinks about how these folks have killed a few of her FUCmates, and Sookie realizes that she's drunk the Kool-Aid to the extent that her thoughts are all about Eye For An Eye and that she is dead serious about doing this for her Pack. Debbie responds that Sookie needs to stop doing her "mind-reading shit," which she finds played out and more than a little unsettling.

Alcide does more of his basic hostage negotiation-type shit, and Debbie brings up the not-entirely-relevant factoid that part of their breakup had to do with Alcide not wanting to have kids because they might/would be werewolves, which would be a bad thing, I guess. They talk about this for a good long while, including one wonderful line in which Debbie indicates her FUC brand on her back as her new identity, and he goes, "No, baby. It's just a scar. We all got scars." I love Alcide very much.

Tara psychics to Sookie that she is going to rush the drugged-up werewolf, because she is full of V and Franklin shame and ready to wreck shop on all creatures. Sookie doesn't realize the full extent of this version of Tara's crazy yet, and thinks it is not as awesome as it actually is, but Tara's not having it. Tara tells her to distract Debbie, so Sookie does the thing she knows how to do, which is scream her ass off.

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