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In Rhythm & Sorrow

Words to live by. Well, the "done for me" part is classic Jason and the worrisome thing about him always, but mostly it's a good idea. And anyway Hoyt wasn't doing that, he was reminding him of the Hotshot drug dealer they still have in stir. "He's the best shot you got at getting answers about Crystal, and he's just sitting down there at the jail locked up waiting for you." Jason hoots, hollers, calls him "Bubba," and we leave the scene as gracefully as we entered it. And so, the pushups do commence.

Summer, the mini-Maxine with whose brother I am so enamored, appears at the door of the Stackhouse home some moments later, vamping in at least three senses when welcomed by Hoyt. "May I come in?" she says, batting her eye, rehearsed and adorable. He stares blankly and she flounces in, giggling. "Just kidding! I'm not a vampire like your last girlfriend!" Something about the breezy way she says this makes me a fan. God never closes a sexy werewolf door without opening an insanely marriage-minded window: Lose a Cooter, gain a Summer.

Sam becomes a pitbull, and launches himself into a doggy unknown.

Hoyt notes that Summer just called herself his girlfriend, after a single date, and that further she has chucked her copy of The Rules out the prenominate marriage-minded window: "I baked biscuits. My great-gram's recipe, still warm from the oven, butter churned by hand, and homemade strawberry preserves I picked myself from the church-house garden." He stares; she notes the bachelor-paddiness of their house. Finally, she asks him what the staring is about, and he very delicately tries to Good Southern Boy her about showing up unannounced. Behold please the true majesty of Summer:

"I know, and maybe I should have called first. But Hoyt Fortenberry, I had the most amazing time with you the other night, and then yesterday, I sat by the phone waiting for you to call, and you didn't." (Summer: Sunny, bright, easy, free. The opposite of his last girlfriend? Or simply the break between one darkness and the next?) He apologizes for not calling, but she doesn't even pause: "Because I woke up this morning, it hit me. 'Summer,' I said, 'Why play games?' And then I decided that I was gonna declare my feelings for you, and let the chips fall where they may. And if you don't feel the same way about me, well, then that will be your loss. So here it goes. I like you, Hoyt. I wanna be your girlfriend, and I really want you to taste my biscuits."

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