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Eric brings Hadley -- dressed like Wendy, or Alice; innocent and beautiful, pigtails, all in white -- to her caged mistress, and she apologizes profusely for appearing this way. Eric cuts through the non-romantic romance (possibly fangbanger obeisance, as well) by explaining quickly that, and Hadley knows this plan, he is going to sink his teeth into her neck and drink, and drink, until Sophie tells him why she's after Sookie. Like Lorena, it took a while to understand the particular ways in which Sophie's "lies" look a lot like a regular person's "acting pretentious." She swears she has no interest in Sookie, still playing by the same rulebook as Bill, and Eric points out that eventually Hadley will die if he keeps up drinking. It's hard on Sophie, but not a dealbreaker at first.

You can kind of see how she got to where she is, her implacable way of going cold. One of my favorite movies is Tank Girl, but mostly because I like the way she doesn't ever give in. (I liked Salt, also, for the same reasons.) Eric's not buying it, because he knows there's a reason she's kept Hadley around, human, for so long, and that it is beyond simple affection. (I wonder what Isabel over in Texas would think about all this, after what she went through?) So he keeps going.

Oh, also they both have the Bleeds, because it's the middle of the daytime. I don't really love the way this season steps all over the "Dead Until Dark" aspect of our vampires, because I don't see a need for it. About the only vampire on this show that still does it is Talbot, and like I'm so sure he's a vampire role model. Well, maybe the Madge, not that it helps Pam any, since she'll be dead during the daytime, too.

So it becomes a double-bluff, because she goes after Eric about his own weird interest in Sookie. Girl, don't you be pushing that bruise. Not until Pam's okay (and Russell's dead) and he can think again. Pretty regal, to pull this stuff from inside a birdcage; reminds me of Sookie with Russell last week. Eric, of course, is in such deep denial about Sookie that he actually believes, in this moment, that it's just Russell's and Sophie's interest in Sookie that matters to him. Sophie laughs at Eric for aligning with Russell, "the most duplicitous vampire in the Americas," but Eric points out she's not really trustworthy, either. "The only vampire a vampire can trust is the vampire he made," Eric says, which means at least one thing. (Depending on what happens directly after this scene, maybe two things, but you're really pushing it with Sophie if that really happens.)

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