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I Woke Up & One Of Us Was Crying

Sookie: "Oh man, I was just saying how I needed to stop getting more and more crazy! And now this!"

She revs up her fairy powers, just to sort of free-form freak out I think, and the various Claude-ettes light her up from every direction.


Nora: "[Still doing her Vampire Rosary, while Eric sadly watches from outside.]"
Russell: "Argh! I am also very crazy! And you should be a lot nicer to me and stop torturing me too!"
Salome, pointedly: "Hey guys, just letting you know that they're executing Russell tonight."
Nora: "Oh, shit."
Eric: "For real? Now you're talking to me?"
Nora: "Yeah, this is all in a weird Lilith prophecy! It's going to be so great!"
Eric: "Um, what are you talking about?"
Nora: "It's all going according to her plan!"
Eric: "Hey, was that a lower-case 'h'? What the fuck is up now?"

What's going on, apparently, is that either by design or divine intervention, the execution is not going to go as we thought.

Roman: "We are going to kill you in a minute. I don't think Lilith is really about you eating everybody's kids all the time like you seem to be about."
Russell: "Lilith is super dumb! I don't need to eat people's kids because it's in your stupid fake Bible, I just like doing it! Because it is great! I am all about chaos and killing and stuff! Why are you such a zealot? It just seems really selfish and self-glorifying."
Roman: "Saving people, showing them mercy, sharing the world with Eve's children. You can say it's about my ego and whatever, but at the end of the day it's really about Lilith and the world and stuff, and anyway you are batshit crazy so I don't even know why I'm talking to you. R.I.P."

Roman activates Russell's iStake and ... nothing happens! And then Russell goes, "PEACE IS FOR PUSSIES!" and totally stakes Roman, and he explodes! Tears roll down Salome's cheeks, like maybe oh well kind of tears because she's in on it, and then over in Nora's cell she leans way, way back. Arching toward the halos:

"Praise Her!"


What if Salome actually were Lilith, and the whole Bible just fan fiction? Nah, probably not. I just continue to get more and more scared that Lilith is going to show up. Didn't Sam's little were-deer girlfriend say -- or no, it was QSA -- something about how there aren't any Gods left? Does that count for Vampire God even? So many questions I'm afraid we'll be getting answers to. Uh, Sookie learns all about faerie magic finally; Lafayette confronts Jesus's dad and Tara finally talks to her mom; werewolves and shifters have all kinds of problems as usual; Russell goes to town on everybody's ass.

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