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The Pig It Was That Lived

Georgia's first screen test was a disaster, so Shields gives her a little tip: be more coy, not to even look up from the pulp novel she was reading, as the well-dressed man entered the scene. The trick is to make it look like you didn't do anything; it's harder than it might seem. She nailed it the second time. Without even looking up, she said her line: "Read any good books lately?" And lightning struck. This happened in a drug store:

"Excuse me, what aisle's the Pepto-Bismol on?" A woman in a pharmacy smock stands on a stepping ladder at the back of the store, so she doesn't turn around right away; her name is Nancy, and she's wearing lipstick and red plastic-framed glasses. She looks like somebody's mother, someone's aunt. "Aisle 7," she says, and points with a smile. "I know you," Tara says, and Nancy steps away and down quickly, heading away from her: "No, I'm sure you've mistaken me for someone else." They're both right:

"Miss Jeanette," Tara says, more shocked than horrified, and Nancy tells her she's wrong. She tries to get up an aisle, but Tara chases her; she cuts her off midway through the store and fully snatches her bald! In the daytime she's not a witch at all; she walks tall and straight and lovely. "Hey! You took advantage of my momma!" Nancy jumps back, terrified, and tells Tara not to touch her. Tara pushes her back into an endcap, scattering stuff all over the floor. "Don't touch you? I ought to kill you, you fake, lying bitch." Nancy threatens to call the police, and Tara offers to call them herself: "Tell 'em how you charged me $800 to spit in my face and poison me!" When you put it like that, it doesn't look like magic at all, not if you never knew what magic was:

"What was in that shit you gave me, that snake juice?" Nancy swears it was just ipecac, and a small amount of peyote: perfectly safe, but Tara's not feeling her. "I puked my guts out! I hallucinated stabbing a little girl!" Nancy blushes, embarrassed. "What the fuck kind of person are you?!" asks Tara. As though Nancy was the one that invented Miss Jeanette:

"Look. I got a son in prison, another one in Iraq, I got a daughter with diabetes, and three grandbabies I gotta take care of. I do what I have to for my family, same as you." And for yours, but you forgot that part. (Also, way to be every stereotype at once!) Tara stalks away, whining and crying, explaining how badly she's misunderstood it all: "I actually believed you had fixed me. Oh my God, I am such a fucking dumbass!" As though it was Miss Jeanette that fixed her, that fixes her, that goes on fixing her. Tara whirls back around at Nancy's voice. Look, Miss Jeanette says. Listen, Miss Jeanette says:

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