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The Pig It Was That Lived

"Brothers and sisters of the Tribunal, is this fair? Is this just?" The crowd howls and I mean, as silly as it is, with the big concrete hipster structures and stadium lights, it's also very pretty. This is what I imagine Prague is like. Everybody's all horny in that creepy vampire way where who knows if it's the blood or the pain or what. Luisa pulls out the guy's other fang, and Bill's way into it, and she throws it like dice. "Sentence passed and executed. The trial is concluded, best of luck. Moving on..." Luisa pulls the boy away on his silver leash and the Magister calls on Eric: "Bring me your murderer." Eric's fangs are out too; Luisa brings out a coffin bound in silver chains, and the thick bouncer guy brings Bill out to stand in front of the Magister, and takes away his leather jacket. He is scared, but it's Bill so he's like pouty-scared.

Jason feeds Eddie, down in the basement, wiping TruBlood off his cheek with an adoring smile. "It's nice not to have to sneak it to you no more, ain't it? I told you Amy wasn't a psycho. The more time you spend with us, you'll see she's an amazing woman." Eddie gives a fake smile, still unsteady, and asks what changed things. "Well, she wants you to live with us, like part of the family. I do too!" I think I have Stockholm Syndrome for Jason's suckiness, because the more retarded and evil he gets the more I love him. Eddie asks if she mentioned finding the TruBloods, and Jason's smile immediately falls, because that's got to be a lie. Eddie shakes his head and Jason asks him what she said exactly. Eddie, in his best Bill Dauterive voice, quotes her: "She said that, uh, withholding was tantamount to lying and that your relationship was better than that." Jason jumps up, pacing like a panther: "Fuck. God, that even sounds like her." Eddie swears she's playing him, but Jason says that can't be the case because nobody plays Jason Stackhouse, which is adorable because his entire life is getting played, obviously, but is also setting up everything else that happens in this room.

"If you don't let me go, she's going to kill me." Jason swears she wouldn't, but Eddie repeats his opinion that she is a psychopath. "Jason, we're late!" Amy calls, down the stairs, and bounds down to say goodbye to Eddie over the banister: "We'll see you in a few hours... I was thinking, we could bring one of the TVs down here. Does that sound good?" Eddie just lays there, completely wigged by her change of heart, thinking it's not real. He doesn't understand that when all the lines are erased every lie is as good as every other lie, which means she's not lying at all. Everything is permitted. Jason looks down at Eddie as Amy scampers away, toward the fais-do-do, and promises him he's wrong about her. Eddie lies, alone, a demon in a basement, and listens to his phone, ringing out of reach.

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