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The Pig It Was That Lived

Andy approaches Sam at the bar, reminding him of how he called the "naked community" in Beaumont and that Sam is a mystery he needs to crack. Sam shrugs, embarrassed, and finally admits a partial truth: "I was adopted. That's the truth. At fifteen, I was on my own." Andy makes that I've Got You Now bullshit face he makes, and presses on, into places nobody should ever go. "Fifteen, huh? Where'd you go? Who took you in? I need to know what your life was. Before you bought up property in Bon Temps, and women started getting killed."

Sam came home the next day, as the moon was waning, and the door was hanging open. He dropped his bike against the siding and carefully went inside, worried and silent. The living room was empty, the dining room was gone, the hearth was cleared of warmth and memories, and all that was left was shelf paper, moving trash and packing stuff. But the most deranged thing of all, the thing that makes this story a fairytale, was his bedroom: untouched. An island in the empty life. The sudden move-out is a theme we see sometimes in these stories, a childhood nightmare come to life. It's the untouched little boy's bedroom that makes this story art.

"Sam. Sam!" He turns around, shocked back into the story. "Where the hell did you come from?" Sam's exasperated, his eyes getting darker. "I come from exactly the same place everybody else comes from, Andy." Andy says there's no previous addresses, no tax records, no social security or credit card bills, before Bon Temps. He created himself from thin air, like a shapeshifter in the night. Like some kind of gypsy boy. "Jesus fuck, Andy!" Tara says, galloping past him to Sam. "Shit. Don't you ever get tired of being in everybody's way?" Andy's taken aback, Diet Coke on his clothes, but Tara ignores him, throwing herself on Sam. "Hey, baby!" He takes her in, her craziness and the bizarre outfit, and doesn't know what to say. Everybody's confused reactions to Tara's total craziness being on the outside instead of the inside for once is the best part of the episode. "Listen," she says, grabbing at his cock. "I have a situation. A very serious situation. And I need your help with it right now." He's forgotten Andy's even there; Andy whines that he's investigating something, and she whips back around to him. "WELL, LET ME WRAP IT UP FOR YOU. HE DON'T KNOW ANYTHING, HE DIDN'T DO ANYTHING, AND HE DOESN'T GIVE A SHIT. COME ON, SAM." She drags him off, and I mean: Juilliard. We need more Rutina Wesleys in this world.

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