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The Pig It Was That Lived

Sam laughs as she shoves him into the office and tries to climb him, and she tells him to shut up and fuck her. "Hey, did you have that exorcism?" She rips at his belt, clawing at his body, and tells him to be normal and get with it. "I'm not a normal guy!" he shouts, and she tells him that's not really material right now. HE shoves her off and whines that he's not a walking dildo that she can use when she's fucked up and sad, and she realizes that he's right. She goes soft. "Sam, please. I'm not right..." But no, he's had it. "You're not the only one with demons! What the fuck do you want from me?" Which is, of course, the magic spell that activates Tara's total craziness, and she stomping out, and he slams things around his office, and the music's getting harder, and faster, and meaner, and the night is getting darker. She held onto him like a crucifix as long as she could, but the second he got curious, she lost her gumption. Nobody ever claims to be brave, because the second you do is when they come to get you.

"Well, congratulations. You've got it all laid out for you so you can wallow in pity for yourself. The betrayed woman, the wounded doe, with all the drivel that goes with it going through your mind right now. Oh, he doesn't love me at all, he was lying. All those lovely moments, those tender words. He's lying. He's cheap and cruel... Maybe I like to be cheap once in a while. Maybe everybody does. Or don't you remember?"

Lafayette finally finds Jason near his truck, pissing with one hand and refilling with the other. He twists him around forcefully, and starts in yelling. Jason swears he kept his mouth shut about Lafayette's supplier, but Lafayette gets in his face. "My supplier, he gone. He's fucking missing." Jason can't look him in the eye. "Other vampires find out I been selling, the same shit is gonna -- You understand it? -- The same shit is gonna happen to me." Jason grins sweetly, promising Lafayette he's got nothing to worry about. But because he can't possibly explain the rest, he just sort of assumes Lafayette will chill. But that is not what's going on. He's so angry he's grinning, like a wolf. "Bitch, you think life is just this one fucking game that you always win no matter how many dead folk are piling up around you." Jason's confused: dead folk? Hasn't it always been this way, Amy and Jason and their pet Eddie? What dead? "Maudette, Dawn..." Jason's smile falls again; that was a nightmare Amy woke him from. It persists. "Your grandma?" Lafayette shoves him down in the piss. "And I'll tell you one fucking thing: I ain't gonna be next, bitch. On my mama's grave, motherfucker. I ain't gonna be next." Jason is not irresponsible, or unkind, or childish. He's a man with a family now, and nobody even knows it. Nobody knows that he is old and wise inside, or that he's learned how to love first Amy and now Eddie, and nobody knows this because nobody can know it, because it's also kidnapping and torture, so nobody can give him credit for it, which means that the story he's telling himself, he necessarily must stand outside of it, because nobody's telling it back to him but Amy. And that gives her the upper hand. "Fuckin'..." Lafayette storms off, punching holes in car hoods and scattering beers everywhere; Jason lies in the mud and tries to locate that feeling again.

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