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The Pig It Was That Lived

"Angelica root and spit. A lot stronger than holy water. You got poison oozing out your pores." Tara's grossed out. "You live near the highway?" She doesn't. "Cook with a microwave? Or talk on a cell phone?" And that's when I stopped trusting Miss Jeanette, because that's some Amy Burley talk right there. You either love the world or you don't. You start drawing lines and you see how regularly they line up around whatever suits you best. "Who doesn't?" Miss Jeanette doesn't. "All that pollution and technology, that's how demons travel." Oh, I don't trust you anymore, Miss Jeanette. That's some backwards fucking talk. That's not the speech of a woman who lives in a crooked little bus in the crooked moonlit woods, letting the ivy come in. That's the speech of a woman who knows better than nature:

"That's why I stay away out here in the woods, away from civilization." She flaps at the flames with one crooked hand, wafting the fumes from the fire toward Tara. "Rub it on your face. You make sure to get around your eyes, that's the demon's doorways." Two eyes, shining in the dark. Tara pats it on, gingerly and sweet, like a facial mask, as Miss Jeanette opens up a tiny apothecary bottle, and hands it over. Tara does; she chokes on it. "Jesus, what the hell is it?" Snake juice. "It's made from snakes?" Miss Jeanette shakes her head. "No. It snakes down in you. Coils around that evil and rips it out." Tara gags, but she urges her on. She puts it to her mouth and drinks it down. Whatever you are, that's what it shows you:

V, dripping out of the IV into a silver thimble; Eddie stirs, in pain and out of it, and says Jason's name softly. Amy's hate is careless as she drains him. "If I were you, I'd get my filthy mind off of him." Eddie moans, waking from nightmares to something worse. Her again. "What was it that you vampires say? Jason is mine." Eddie's grossed out, and swears it's not like that, not this boy, not this time, not for this reason: "He's a good person." Amy laughs as she tends to him. "Are you implying that I'm not?" Eddie suggests that, in a certain context where Amy is planning on using him up and murdering him, while Jason is not, there's a possibility. But we're in Amy's world now:

"Sophomore year of college, I walked away from a full academic scholarship so I could go to this Guatemalan village." She ties him off. "Helped them build their very first irrigation system so they could have fresh water. Crops that didn't give them dysentery. So don't you dare..." -- She grabs at his face; he groans, afraid -- "...Get morally superior on me. I am an organic vegan, and my carbon footprint is miniscule." And in Amy world, that's the difference, and for all her bullshit I have to say the logic is solid: "Because I know that ultimately, we're all just a single living being... But you are not." That's true, I can see that. Vampires aren't about life, they're about death. Whether or not he's a person, he's been evicted from Gaia, like Pluto from the solar system. If all we have is nature, than the supernatural is unimportant and can be discarded. We have all the magic we need. She pounds on his bicep, shocking and scaring him. "You got a clot forming," she says, and tends to him. He moans in pain. "There. Okay, I need tape. Keep it at that angle." He groans, with his arm out, and she goes to a desk drawer, to find a way to keep him viable:

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