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The Pig It Was That Lived

"Can you turn into another person?" He already has. Twice in one night. Sam shakes his head. "Humans are too complex. Despite what you might see at the bar." He smiles, but she's not picking up what he's putting down. She stays focused -- "So what's it like to sleep in the ground?" -- as much in love with the secrets and mysteries as she's terrified by them. Her life has been characterized by systematically learning and dealing with the most horrible thoughts and qualities of everyone she comes into contact with. It's rare she gets to learn something new, and when presented with it, no matter how scary it gets, no matter how big the world will get when her body starts to panic, for a moment she's lost in the learning. "Can you do it any time, or... What?" Sam explains that he can, although obviously it wears off when he sleeps, and he can't control it during the full moon. "Like a werewolf?" she asks, and he barks. "We're not werewolves. Okay, werewolves are dangerous, nasty creatures. Do not call me a werewolf." He shakes, with the need to protect her and the need to impress this upon her and most of all the terrible need for her to never look at him that way again: as a beast, as a thing that crept into her bed. Werewolves are bad, dangerous, hungry, like vampires. Sam is loyal, protective, attentive, like a dog. Sookie just stares at him: "Werewolves exist too?" Shit is getting White Wolf up in here. He nods. "Wh-what else is there?" she asks, quieter, starting to get scared. The novelty is wearing off in the time it takes to go from dogs to wolves. Sam shakes his head, thinking about the things he's seen. "More than you can imagine." More than you would want to:

He swallows, trying not to think about it, and she stomps away. After a few seconds he joins her on Bill's front steps. "I can't... Life is just getting too weird too fast..." Valid. Every time she learns something, somebody dies. But if the world is sufficiently big, then there's a hope in this, somehow: "Could a werewolf have killed Gran?" Could something have just come out of the darkness, randomly, and made of her an orphan, something mindless and magical, that can be put back into the darkness with a silver bullet and a prayer? He tries to be nice and allows for the possibility, but it's a weak response. Sookie commences flipping out, putting her head in her lap, hiding from enormity:

"Oh my God. Bill's been dragged off by vampires, and now I find out you're something I never even knew existed..." She starts to sob, drily, and jerks away from his touch, yelping in fear. "I thought you of all people would understand," Sam says softly, and she turns on him. "Why? Because I'm dating a vampire?" Um, no, because you're totally psychic and everybody thinks you're a freak? "I don't hide who I am!" she shouts, heading for the door. Which is true: she doesn't have the option. Only the shame of bearing it, alternately scaring people and making them point and laugh, depending on their faith. "I've wanted to tell you for years," Sam says, about one more thing, and she whirls back, shouting. "I kissed you! And I know you wanted to do more than that. Were you gonna tell me before? Or after?" She slams the door and he sits on the porch, alone again somehow; feeling burnt and sick. I'm just looking for something real, they said, and: If we do this, we did this:

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