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The Pig It Was That Lived

"You spend more time on your hair than any man I've ever met," Amy says indulgently, watching Jason preen in the mirror. "The trick is to make it look like you didn't do nothing. It's harder than it might seem." She grins; he doesn't need any help looking good. She notices the toilet seat, standing at attention, and her smile falls into disgust. He's not as evolved as she'd like him to be. She's just as angry and sad as she would be at something real, because in Amy world we put the seat down. "I think I might have had one too many beers last night. I feel like I been shot at and missed, shit at and hit!" Colorful, Jay. Amy sits down and looks at him; wonders how to bring him back in. How she can redefine the world for them both before the demon in the basement breaks it all apart:

"We need to talk about Eddie." Jason agrees; he turns on the tap. "Well, I've been thinking. The way we've been treating him, it's just really uncivilized, you know?" Jason nods petulantly: he does know that. "We can't let him go, of course, but we can try to make things just a little bit more comfortable for him. Do you know what Stockholm Syndrome is?" Jason turns around and takes a swing: "It's a disease?" Amy nods and course-corrects: "Well, not exactly..." He makes that face he makes, a swing and a miss. "It's something that happens to people who are kidnapped. It's like over time, they start to get closer to their kidnappers. It's kind of like ... being part of a family." Jason lights up. It's like Pluto, coming home. It's like having a family, like being a man, like Rene. People that count on you, and tell you what being a man is:

"All we need to do is make Eddie love us. And he already loves you," she says, pushing the button. Jason quirks a suspicious eyebrow and turns back around. "And then eventually, we wouldn't have to keep him locked up," she says, spinning tales for Jason, readjusting their course. "He could just be in the house with us, like he's..." Jason nearly jumps for joy: "Like a pet!" Yeah. "And we could travel with him..." Jason's loving it, nearly punching the air. "We could sell his blood, you know, when we need money, and just live out of backpacks and see the whole world! We just need boots, and a map." The best liars believe what they're selling. She's such a total Cylon, like, This was the plan all along! We just didn't know that until just now: we'll keep him as a pet! But if nothing is true and everything's permitted, then there's no shame in changing Amy world to suit whatever needs to happen next. If she doesn't get Jason on board with keeping Eddie, at least in the short term, then something bad will happen to the world. This story may not stay true, but it's true for now:

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