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The Pig It Was That Lived

"I ain't never seen snow," Jason says, getting into it, and Amy gets expansive: "Tibet. We can climb the Himalayas, we can visit the Dalai Lama... Jason's totally on the same page: "And snowboard naked!" Amy, convinced he's convinced, stands. "Right, I gotta go to the store, I want to get Eddie some TruBloods." Jason's so ecstatic that she kisses him. "I love you," she says, and for the moment everything makes sense, and she's pulled it off: all he sees are her two eyes, shining in the dark. She's more real than anybody else. He tells her he loves her, still surprised by how easy it is to say, and at the last second she twists it: "I love you more." He makes a "You got me again Cecil," Liz Lemon kind of face, but he'll figure that one out eventually. The important thing is that everything is safe, and there aren't any secrets, and he wasn't wrong about Amy. Eddie was. "Oh my God," he says delightedly into the mirror, "You are even better looking than you were yesterday." He's been reborn; he's pushed all the bad down deep:

Tara wakes Lettie Mae calmly, with the sun behind her head, coming up, and the tears on her face drying. The tears in her throat are still there, singing love, love, love. "Mama. Mama, wake up." Lettie Mae opens her eyes slowly, wondering where her baby's been. "I had the exorcism," Tara says, and the ridiculous Jesus music swells with a sneer. "Tara, are you...?" She nods: "It worked, Mama. It worked." Lettie Mae decides that Jesus has answered her prayers, because the dawn has come and gone. "We're saved," she cries, hugging her daughter. "Both of us are saved! You did a brave thing, Tara Mae. I am so proud of you, my baby..." Tara shakes her head, shamed. "My whole life, I thought you didn't... I thought..." Lettie Mae puts her hand over her daughter's mouth, shaking her head in just about the nastiest, grossest way and smiles. "I forgive you." Fuck that. I forgive you for assuming that your behavior was having a negative effect on my life and development? Demon or not, another word for parenting is self-control, and if having a kid doesn't give you that, you were not made for children and you don't deserve to have them. "Get dressed. I'm taking you out to celebrate, anywhere you wanna go." They bounce around the house for a sec before Lettie Mae suggests Mamaw's Mudbugs. It's in Keatchie; she wonders if that's too far to drive. "Are you kidding? I'd drive anywhere for you!" They embrace again, and she watches her mom run around excitedly, and wonders why she still feels so tired and sad, now that she's been saved. We're all, right now, every age we've ever been, somewhere inside. Somewhere inside a thing rises up, afraid and wounded, still bleeding, and she tells her to go back, far below the depths, because she has been saved, go to sleep.

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