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Russell drags Sookie back into the Compound foyer, with Bill in custody behind. It is very dramatic and slow-motion, as all the players come zooming in: Lorena in her lovely ruffled top, Eric in that sweater, Talbot just sort of stand around. The guard tosses Bill to the floor, and Russell hands Sookie over to Talbot. Lorena stresses out to a certain extent, although Talbot's not hugely surprised that Bill is not for real. Bill stakes the massive guard, and then jumps on Russell's head; it is very surprising to see him do this, but Russell's apparently 3000 years old, so he tosses Bill up into the ceiling, which means that shrieking Talbot now has two problems: The pile of former guard on the floor, and untold damage to the ceiling frescoes. Wonder if he'll ever stop screaming.

Russell thinks the whole thing is super funny, because Bill is just a baby, and then Eric jumps in front of Sookie before she can yell Bill's name a whole bunch of times. Talbot's still staring at the ruined ceiling, because that's as deep as Talbot goes. Bill begs Eric to get Sookie out of there, but instead he pretends that he has no idea what Sookie is or what she's up to. All he'll say, which serves his interests in several ways, is that whatever it is, it's clearly valuable. Sookie is so dumbfounded -- there are vampires that don't adore and worship her? -- that she stops saying Bill for a second and thinks about yelling Eric a bunch of times instead.

"Eric, what the fuck?" she shouts, and Eric does a whole flirty thing with Russell about how he hasn't tasted her but he's sure she's delicious, and she yells at him for awhile and Eric does his whole mincing act some more -- which would be annoying, but comes off just overplayed and desperate because of his two agendas of saving Pam and then killing Russell -- which Talbot does not like one bit. Russell, you can't tell with him. He seemed to think Bill was the bee's for a few days now, and that was clearly its own kind of farce, so who knows? Certainly not Talbot, who looks from one to the other and then starts yelling about "our home" in a way that seems equally threatened by Russell and Eric's vibe -- from both directions -- and the fact that nobody's commiserating about the damage to the house.

Talbot stalks off bitching in Greek, throwing Russell off to the point that he remembers to stop flirting with Eric just long enough to send Bill to "the slave quarters" so that Lorena can kill him to death. Nobody is that happy with this plan, but Russell -- throwing his Kingly weight around, terribly scary for a moment -- knows that she'll draw it out as long as possible in the hopes that she can torture Bill until he loves her again, at which point she'll be broken either way.

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