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But Eric plays it just right, falling somewhere between Helpful Servant and Concubine Applicant, and can share an indulgent smile with his King when Russell tsks, "He's in one of his moods." Russell vaguely gives Eric the impression that they're going to Shreveport, which is a relief since they've got until next sundown to save Pam, which is literally hours away. But you don't become King without a well-managed schedule, and in fact Russell's got a whole other gambit to play before that, and he knows he needs to leave Eric hanging as long as possible, which means going to New Orleans first even if he doesn't say it aloud.

Sookie screams Bill's name and threatens to use her "powers" against the Vampercrombie taking her upstairs, but once she's in her room -- screaming Bill's name, okay, at the walls of the empty room I guess just on the off chance this is all just a gorgeous mistake -- she gets a psychic message from Tara: Sookie. Sookie. Don't worry, Sookie. I'm gonna get you out. Wait until the sun comes up. I'll find you. Be ready. Because we're gonna need all the luck in the world, but I'm gonna get us out of here. I'm not giving up without a fight. It's immensely empowering to hear, spooned as she is with sleepy Franklin and covered in his blood, but also sort of harrowing, because she's just sending these thoughts out as hard as she can without any idea if she is doing it right or just praying to nothing at all. "You have no idea what awaits you on the other side, my beautiful bride. No more pain. No more fear," says Franklin Mott. "No more rules."

Flirty-flirty in the towncar on the way to New Orleans, talking about this and that. Eric says he has no interest in Miss Stackhouse beyond his onetime "constituent" Bill's obsession with her, and the Queen's interest. "I do not get attached to humans," and overplays it I think a little bit by implying that he'd rather fuck the King than taste the waitress. (The way Russell chuckles, it seems he's amused by all this, and maybe not because it's so flattering.) As for the Were he killed in her house? The one that was there to kidnap her? That was just him getting attacked while trying to find Bill. He brings up the fact that werewolves are "base, primitive creatures," and questioningly notes that Russell is the only vampire he knows that feels differently. If there's more to the story -- and perhaps Eric knows or senses that there is -- he'll need to know it before taking the King on.

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