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Well past morning. Lorena's got the Bleeds, bad, but you can barely tell because she's so covered in Bill's blood, as is almost her entire mise en place of torture weapons, which rival in number and specificity of use even Steve Martin's from Little Shop Of Horrors. ("Oh, mama.") Bill tells her to go to ground and stop bleeding on him, but she's worried that he'll die and she won't be there for him. Apparently, though, Bill's still got enough energy at least to bitch at her some more.

"And what will you do then? Find another man that you deem honorable? So that you can turn him into a violent, hateful thing like yourself, destroying whatever it was you loved about him to begin with?" At least she knows this one's a broken record, and immediately jumps to the part of the conversation where he totally got off on doing all those things, so you can hardly blame her. "Be a man and admit you liked it," she suggests, but this is Bill Compton we're talking about. Of course he's going to change the subject.

"Just as you liked enticing all those starving men with your flesh, luring them into your maker's clutches so that he could murder them, and defile their bodies in unspeakable ways as you watched?"

(So apparently Lorena was, in her turn, a procurer for her maker -- Istvan, whom we've not heard of before -- and she got stuck doing Suddenly Last Summer bait-and-switch for him. That is really interesting, if you follow it, not least because making a girl do that is about one of the most disenfranchising things you could do. So then fast-forward and she's all alone in the South looking for company, and she lures these men in and tries to find the right one and feeds on the others -- kiss a lot of frogs, etc. -- and in effect becoming her own Istvan. A whore for her own self. That is truly crazy, if she kept the image of herself as his panderer while also telling herself -- for who knows how long? -- that this was her true nature, like she's always going on about.

And then she finally finds this prince, an actual great guy, who turns out to hate her and everything she stands for, and who basically carries the good part of her in his hands, and... Tells her she can't have it. We're piecing it together, but it flows. Because then Bill's reaction to that, overcorrection and assumptions about his true nature, carry over into his treatment of Jessica, who is only now learning to grow past the terrible things he's done to her in trying to raise her right. So on the one hand you have Jessica, who maybe will redeem the bloodline, and now all of a sudden we're learning about this Istvan, who may or may not still be around but represents the branching head of it. Right?

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