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Okay but then compare to the other few bloodlines we know about: Godric to Eric to Pam (1) -- which is Spartan and beautiful and pure in a lot of ways, and interesting because it's always about teamwork and near-equality and respect and pedagogy -- and Russell to Talbot (2), which stretches so far back that it looks almost normal but is also childless, for reasons that we've seen put a certain pain in Talbot's eyes. And there's Sophie-Anne and Ludis and the rest of her Children we haven't met (3), but I don't remember how much we know about that other than that she likes to keep 'em close.

And all three are royal bloodlines too, don't forget: They are the best and the brightest and have risen the farthest, in sharp contrast to the Istvan line which, at least starting with Lorena-Bill-Jessica, is very young and untrained indeed. And since there's nothing here that isn't a metaphor, and especially given the emphasis on Stackhouse genetics [and the Were Packs, and whatever Hotshot thing], it seems to me that these four families -- and there are at least fifty others in our country alone, just counting royalty -- explicitly and intentionally have something to say about the nature of family itself: If last year was a chess game [albeit between three cults], this year is Falcon Crest. Which makes the Bill and Lorena stuff in this episode fascinating, because not only is it what it is, but it's also a sort of brutal drunk Thanksgiving Dinner throwdown.)

Further: "He made you his mirror, just as you tried to make me yours. He is the reason that a girl who once marveled in the beauty of all life now delights in bringing pain and horror to every moment... Your nature was never mine! I welcome death. Because only then will I be truly free of the disease that is you!"

(Very dramatic, but viewed in terms of dysfunction -- and what Bill still doesn't understand as abusive parenting on his part, which we always knew had to do with Lorena but now see goes back even further -- almost entirely true. Tara learned that lesson last year, with her own mother; she is still learning it, just like Jesus coming out of Lafayette's relationship with his. Think back to the season premiere, when death seemed like the only way Tara could get free of her own mother/disease.) Sooo heavy! What we need right now is Cooter.

Cooter and Debbie come running into the Quarters, assuming that crazy ass Lorena would be in a coffin somewhere and not bleeding all over everything in the room like a lunatic. They apologize, cringing like the FUC do before vampires, and she gives them as much attitude as she can muster. "We was just gonna keep an eye on your prisoner for you, make sure he didn't get away," is the kindly alibi, belied by the shivering junkie vibe and Debbie pretty much licking her lips and staring at all of Bill's blood all over the place. Lorena makes fun of them for being trashy bad liars, and Debbie -- to her credit -- politely explains that it was her junkie ass that made Coot even try for it. Plus, Cooter notes, he loves beating up Bill Compton more than anything in the world, which we know to be true. "Come on," Debbie pleads, both pathetic and sort of rational at once: "Let us just have a little taste. It's just going to waste all over the floor like that!"

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