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Dazzler & Le Bad Boy

Coot and Debbie come wandering out of the Quarters, high on V and talking like happy trippers ("You taste like fucking life itself!") and total trash -- their romantic dream involves him stealing clothes for her from "4-Ever Young" -- so Sookie rolls her eyes and waits for them to wander off before finally heading inside. Meanwhile, Tara's surprised by a beautiful white wolf, which turns into beautiful Alcide, who nakedly assures her he's a good guy, and that he's got wheels to help save Sookie.

Sookie drops to her knees at Bill's side and breaks her own record of saying Bill's name over and over. He is nonresponsive, due to the fact that he is mostly dead and it is the middle of the daytime, but he finally says her name. She gives him a whole speech about this and that, instead of getting him out of there, and then Lorena -- for whom, at this point, the Bleeds just seem like a fashion choice -- grabs her, knocks her against the wall, and then begins to feed.

Next week: The chain incident explained, among others, but mostly: Unforgivable things.

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