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*("Preserving" is not "taming," but this is another harsh truth about love: What Lorena loves most in Bill is his goodness and his purity, and it's that she always tried to destroy. What Franklin loves most in Tara is her madness, which he is burning away as quickly as possible. What Sookie loved most in Bill was the silence of a blank slate, which is getting filled in more quickly than she can even follow. Jason wants Crystal for her wildness, but only so he can tame his own. Lafayette and Jesus... Want to play pool for six hours and then not make out a whole lot? The jury is still out on Lafayette and Jesus.)

There is a lovely subtext to the next confrontation between Sookie and Eric that references their shared dreams and emotions in a very realistic way. It's one thing to think about the blood-bond in a WTF universe like this, but another thing to see how it plays in a realistic conversation. Like she calls him a liar for saying he cared about her, and he says he never said anything of the kind, and then says "maybe you dreamt it," which is partially but not entirely true, and then -- echoing his last dream, where she called him "cowboy" -- Sookie questions his cowboy bona fides: "You big phony. Big hat, no cattle!"

Eric begs her to shut up, but Sookie goes a step further, collating and recontextualizing two different conversational gambits from their Fangtasia! meeting in a way that bends the sense of both: "Sookie, I'm risking everything to tell you this, because you mean so much to me. You make me feel almost human." (Still wearing that aqua sweater, of course: The ocean, and winter.) Then, she wraps up with a quote from a few moments ago -- that her life was valuable -- which she again casts in terms of his feelings for her. None of which are true in the way she's suggesting, but none of which are entirely false either, which is picking holes in Eric's entire train of thought, so he finally fangs out and screams at her that she means nothing to him at this point: "You mean nothing to me, understand? Nothing! I'm close to getting something I've wanted since I was still human. Do not get in my way."

Which, I guess if you live in a world where Eric just can't admit that he's in luuuv with Sookie, seems like another layer of game, but given what is going on with him -- Pam, his entire Viking family, the drug rap, not to mention being integral to two very destabilized Kingdoms, which for vampires is a quick way to get slaughtered because the other Kingdoms would not only already know this but would kill for the mid-American resources of two contiguous states -- is actually just pretty much true. Which Sookie finally figures out, right now. She thought they were equals, she was manipulating him with her tears and he was saving her life and forcing her into terrible situations, but the truth is that it was even more of a game than she thought. She spits and hisses about this, and threatens to get him for it, but it's done.

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