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Russell builds a fire even though it's summertime and then burns himself on the poker just to freak her out, and Sookie tells him it's good they're having a meeting because she has some damn questions for him too. Which is adorable, although Russell subtly reminds her about the fine line between "feisty" and "delusional." She says he has no way of knowing whether or not she's bargaining from a position of power, which impresses him enough that he calms down and agrees to a Q&A. La Belle et la BĂȘte, sitting down beside the fire.

"Are you the King of all vampires?" He laughs and explains about the retarded royalty thing of vampires. "Do you have a crown?" asks Sookie, because she is a freak and that's honestly the next thought she had. Yes, he has several, including one that is going to get his ass murdered. So now Russell gets two questions: First of all, what is she. He reminds her that all things told she has no way of truly knowing whether her parents were really human, or even if they were her parents, but she admits that her grandfather was like her: He could hear thoughts of people and, she presumes, shifters and weres, although -- one would take pains, I think, to make this clear -- not vampires.

Russell commiserates on the telepathy -- "How dreadful that must be!" -- but for inhuman reasons ("Who cares what anyone else is thinking?") that reverse the calming effect of his seeming compassion, so now she's back on the offensive. Is Lorena gonna kill Bill? (Congratulations on being cool for a second before starting with the Bill stuff, Sookie!) Russell explains that, as Lorena's "drug of choice," Bill is in no danger of dying any time soon. "She's gonna have a hard time letting go," he says, with a little wink that says it's going to be pretty terrible for Bill. Sookie begs him to stop this, but Russell instead produces Bill's Sookie Stackhouse dossier.

Sookie flips through it, but can't even finish saying What the FUCK? before Russell gets bored and snappish. "My turn. What are you besides a telepath? And what on Earth makes that light come out of your hands?" He offers to torture it out of her, which is so frustrating that she tears up in anger. "I don't know. I never even knew I could do it until recently, and I don't know what I am. Maybe I'm an alien. All I know is, it's something big. So if I were you I wouldn't hurt me or anyone I care about." He doesn't dignify this last with anything like a response.

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