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When Russell asks if she has any other powers, she snots that it's her turn to ask a question, and he yells at her in German, which is the scariest language to be yelled at in, so she grasps at straws, babbling: "Once I threw a chain at somebody and it wrapped around his neck by itself like that face-crab thing from Alien. That's all." And it is so much more awesome than another power. Russell acknowledges these reasons Queen Sophie-Anne is so obsessed with Sookie, who of course is like "There's a Queen?" Which just makes Russell laugh harder, because nobody besides Tara does WTF quite as well as a wrong-footed Sookie Stackhouse.

Lorena puts on a record (the title of the episode) and blabbers about the Thirties and whatever. Bill's shirtless on the floor of the Quarters with a silver chain around his wrists, which are up above his head. She promises to at least make Bill "feel," even if he swears he feels nothing for her, and he calls her an asshole, and she says making other people suffer is fine, but especially because she's herself suffered so much, and he points out that she hasn't suffered since the Civil War, which makes her shout -- "I am suffering now!" -- which is the crux of these scenes, which is whether or not Lorena has a Right to Sing the Blues. I vote no, because she is a crazy bitch. Bill votes no, because he just likes being mean to Lorena. Lorena votes yes, and gets to work on killing him.

"Even as you face the true death, I will be inside you," she says, making an autopsy incision down the center of his chest. "Not Sookie, me." Bill is a man without a kingdom, having betrayed two regents in one day. All he has is the life in his blood: Even Sookie's up there, learning to hate him and probably dying, if Eric plays the part better than it turned out Bill could. Their positions are reversed. Last night he was in a cage, trying to hurt her and dying, when he couldn't. Now she's on top, hoping her love is big enough to contain them both before he goes. One of them's a beauty, and one of them's a beast. But which? He knows Lorena is balanced on the edge of something very high, and he knows how to torture her back. So he does: It is romantic and damning, but it is also an invitation to come down on his side, and prove that she is worthy of his love. They both know she can't:

"I wish I had known you before you were made. Before you turned hard. I would've liked to have seen you smile with light in your eyes, instead of darkness. That would have been something." You can't see it, but he's making an autopsy incision, down the center of her chest. Lorena weeps, dark blood, and swears she has no other choice. Russell, and Istvan before him, have put them in this place. She is who she is; it's a tale as old as time. She says his name, torn by this last cruelty, and slashes at his face.

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