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Asymmetry In Wartime

Which is a funny line, but short-sighted and bizarre in context, since we've already seen plenty of FoS bullshit on Fox News. You can't have your metaphor both ways. I mean, one of the things that's great about this show is that it regularly does, but in this case it's actually contradicting itself, not being ambiguous. Whatever. Cute line.

Anyway, Olivier tracked down all the witnesses, glamoured and killed them, and now 400 years later all the Sheriffs are getting it and they're ready to take out the witches. (Pam's ear drops off at this time, making the ticking of the clock on this one all the louder.) But they can't kill Marnie, as Pam explains, because she gave Eric amnesia and rotted her face and...

Bill: "She fucking what now?"
Pam: "Oh, shit. Yeah, the jig is up. Eric's got witchnesia and he's staying at Sookie's and I've been lying to you on his behalf which is no surprise, but it also means that Sookie has been lying to you on behalf of Eric Northman, which..."
Bill: "...Burns and goads mah heart like the rays of the sun, yes. She lied to me and then she lied to me about lying, which is so much worse. Mah heart is breaking. Ah must go."

Bill goes zooming off to do who knows what, and it's so dumb but even in this fun frothy campy episode there's a moment where Pam stares off to the side and the camera zooms in and she whispers to herself, "I'm sorry, Eric..." as though we're about to cut to a commercial for one of Marnie's stories, and we're done.

So what have we learned? Anything you repress, it's going to come fuck you up in a resentful way when you least expect it. Nothing new there. But one of the neat things about this show is that it goes both ways: Whatever darkness we have in our consciousness, there's a compensatory unconscious brightness. That's always left out of the conversation because we're so used to being afraid of how we're going to fuck ourselves up unexpectedly. But if you think about how much negative stuff -- pain, fear, self-hatred, regret -- we carry around in our daytime selves, does it not bring you comfort to know that just under the surface there's something shining, just as bright?

The thing about Shadow -- shadow content, self-sabotage, whatever -- is that it bends the light in such a way that everything seems asymmetrical: What's under the surface, scaring you, surfacing in little moments and dreams, seems so much larger than the toys you bring out and play with all day long, even the ones that hurt. And it can make it seem like you're never going to fix all the problems, which generally knits them all into one big problem that is your life, which continues until you look at them, or they force you to look at them. But if you can remember that there's gold under there -- that no matter how many times Dark Godric shows up that's still not the truth about Godric, or the story of Eric, or you or me; that the crimes we do ourselves and survive in this world are more important than the imaginary crimes of people inside the stories that speak to us -- it gets a lot less scary to look: There is an asymmetry, for sure, but it's one angled sharply in our favor. I promise you that.

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