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Asymmetry In Wartime

Next week: Who knows, man. It's the halfway point, which generally means everything flips over in a major way for the season, while still being about the Act Two things: Jason and Jessica (and Hoyt), Tara and Naomi (and Toni), Sookie and Eric (and Bill), Sam and Tommy (and Maxine), Arlene and Terry (and Satan), Lafayette and Jesus (and Abuelo), Alcide and Debbie (and Luna), Marnie and Bill (and Antonia), etc. If this next one wasn't going to kick ass -- which it will, it's Raelle Tucker's first script of the season -- it would only mean the one afterward would be even crazier. As it is, we get Bill tossing Eric all around and Debbie causing trouble for Alcide, two good things. And many more!

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