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Asymmetry In Wartime


Jesus: "Tara, you can come with us to see my brujo abuelo in Mexico. The one from whom I've been on the run since I was a little kid."
Lafayette: "Oh, that's right! Demon face and all that. Well wait, why are we doing this?"
Jesus: "Because he has power and I've convinced myself there's not really any such thing as black magic, despite how endlessly talking about that difference was my raison d'ĂȘtre last season."

Tara: "I think I'm going to head back to New Orleans. Vampires and witches have never heard of New Orleans, probably."

Lafayette: "Jesus, can you tell me a long flashback right now while we're both just standing here in my driveway?"
Jesus: "Sure. When I was nine he made me stab a goat to death and then licks its blood off the knife and takes its spirit into me."
Lafayette: "So what you're saying is that you are literally a chupacabra and also that you have a magical goat inside you?"
Jesus: "This is what I'm saying. I am full of cabron power now."
Lafayette: "Well, I'm convinced."

Tara: "Hey Naomi, what are you doing?"
Naomi: "Chilling in our house dressed like Flashdance, leaning up against stuff as usual. You?"
Tara: "I'm coming home."
Naomi, going through the mail: "That sounds awes... Who the fuck is Tara Thornton?"
Tara: "Oh, uh... I have to go."


Tommy drives up to Sam's house in a giant van, with their dead parents in the back.

Tommy: "I fucked up, Sam."
Sam: "I see that, Tommy. I see that you fucked up."


Sookie puts on her brightest This Is How Normal People Act smile -- always unsettling -- and approaches Holly for some hamfisted manipulation.

Sook: "Hey, Holly! How's that Wiccan coven going? I sure do think witches are neat!"
Holly: "Yeah, it's pretty spiritual and peaceful when we're not raising the dead."
Sookie: "What about when you get attacked by vampires?"
Holly: "This conversation is over. Because you fuck vampires and are the town retard, and also because why are you talking like that?"
Sookie: "Or is it?"

Holly psychically converses with herself about how fucking stupid Marnie is, how she cast the spell on Eric, and the address of where Marnie lives, including its 9-digit zip and current market price on Zillow and average gas bill.

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