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Asymmetry In Wartime


Hoyt: "So you got gang-raped by a town full of women?"
Jason: "Technically, yes. Although really they were operating out of their own brainwashed lack of agency, so it's more like we all got raped."
Hoyt: "Well, doesn't that make you feel alienated from your own body, and betrayed?"
Jason: "Sure. But not in the same way as it would if I were raped by a man."
Hoyt: "Are you saying men can't be raped?"
Jason: "Um, no? I'm saying that rape by a woman carries different cultural and sexual connotations than rape by a man."
Hoyt: "But aren't all rapes the same? Who are you, Whoopi Goldberg?"
Jason: "Well, the kind of moral rank you're trying to pull is a bit more complex than shifting all your Rape Is Bad baggage -- as though anyone on earth would disagree with that -- onto a seriously different situation and pretending they are the same in order to appear interesting and progressive."

Hoyt: "I think it's terrible that you think rape is okay, if you're a woman. TV Tropes told me so!"
Jason: "It was a pretty brutal situation. I was wounded, attacked by animals, and then forced to have sex to the point of injury. I wouldn't recommend it."
Hoyt: "Then why are you splitting hairs?"
Jason: "The way I see it, you're the one splitting hairs. This is a fictional situation with no real equivalent in the outside world, and yet because I'm a man, it's interesting and novel to apply the usual rape conversation to the situation."
Hoyt: "Women rape men. All the time!"
Jason: "Less than 1% of all reported rapes are perpetrated by women. I'm sure if you think about it you'll understand why."
Hoyt: "Then why aren't you reacting like TV tells us women always do?"
Jason: "If we were talking about one of the rapes committed by men every two minutes in this country, I probably would. But that's not the story that's happening right now on this show."

Hoyt: "If you reversed the genders, it would be terrible!"
Jason: "Yeah, and if you reversed gravity they'd be fucking me on the ceiling. What does that have to do with anything?"
Hoyt: "Men and women are completely interchangeable! They approach their bodies and the many intimacies and dangers of sex with one another in completely identical and symmetrical ways!"
Jason: "If the power differential between men and women were that balanced, we wouldn't be having this conversation at all, because nobody would be raped. Tell me this: Hypothetically speaking, and God forbid, but would you rather get..."
Hoyt: "-- Neither! Which proves they are exactly the same."

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