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Asymmetry In Wartime

So with Hotshot, we've been told literally and explicitly that they are behaving like a family of cats on a remote farm: Inbreeding when it's time to breed, like farm cats, and when they do, they hold down their women by the neck and thrust enough times to ejaculate and then it's over. Which is terrible by human standards, but absolutely unremarkable in the non-human animal kingdom.

And then because they are also human, you've got a social and religious explanation for their lives that feeds back into preserving the status quo -- Ghost Momma and Ghost Daddy, the Panther Man & Woman, Shaman Luther, Nature Is Nature -- that says their burden is to live between the two worlds, squeezed horribly between them, degraded. Dying, inbred, prone to sickness and SIDS. Letting Nature down. And then along comes Jason, who's both human and demonstrated a devotion and generosity toward them that their little town has never seen, and whom with just a few bites could be one of them, and rewarded with their highest honor, an honor for which we've been told Felton's sexual failings and addictions invalidated him, like some kind of Prince Hal who's forced to stand by as this upstart outlander takes his bride and his responsibility for impregnating the women one by one, takes all his honor and then falls on him out of the sky with a spear, without even giving him the chance of an honorable death... I don't know.

Once you're mature enough to understand the difference between prescriptive and descriptive storytelling, a lot of joy and little surprises open up, I guess. But I suppose looking for reasons to get offended, that have nothing to do with the actual story, is a fun way to almost enjoy things, too. Especially if you hate them. Or just love that feeling of heroism more than you love the feeling of being told a story.


Holly: "Goddamn it Sookie, you took my short-order food item!"
Sookie: "Uh, no I didn't?"
Holly: "Sorry, this full moon tomorrow night is throwing off my witchy intuition."
Jason: "FULL MOON?"
Holly: "Is it throwing off your witchy intuition too?"
Sookie: "What's going on in your head? Why haven't you returned my calls? Why are you covered in panther bites?"
Jason: "I have to go! Please don't find out about my rape!"
Sookie: "...That certainly didn't seem like anything having to do with me, so I won't follow up at all."

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