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"Tara Mae, now I know you've been through a lot..." Sookie starts, and Tara's like, "No lectures. Thing is, I don't care how much you love your boyfriend right now. He almost killed you like yesterday, which isn't even what it's really about. Because what I know of vampires is that occasionally they will go ahead and tie you up and duct-tape you so you can't scream, kidnap you, rape you, and try to turn you into their VAMPIRE BRIDE." Sookie's like, "Well, when you put it like that..." But Tara's not done: Also, Bill totally let all of that happen and didn't even really care. Which is a dark and twisty story that doesn't really have a whole lot to do with Tara besides basically proving her point, so Sookie's not going to do anything but throw her arms around Tara and cry with her some more, because she didn't know any of that, and her best friend is hurting.

Outside, the maxim that Bill and Sookie are fifty times awesomer apart than together is still working, now at a distance of mere yards. Bill tries to lead Jason in the basics of Werewolf Defense, at least once employing the unfortunate turn of phrase "right between the eyes," and they have a sweet little moment about how Bill is counting on Jason to take care of Sookie while he's asleep. It's not as condescending as it sounds, thanks to the acting; Jason's grateful because Jason will always be grateful for anybody treating him like a man, but especially when it's an older guy doing it, because God love him but Jason's stuff is very simple stuff. The one time Jason did anything right was when he and Andy and Sam pulled off saving Bon Temps from Maryann, and that was going pretty good until he shot somebody in the head, so this is a chance to go back to that good feeling. Without taking a written test.

Jesus is sitting on Lafayette's floor in the morning, having realized that V is more than just drugs: "It's magic!" Healing is deep in his veins; of course now he cares, watching somebody jump up into the air after nearly being dead. Lafayette admits he sometimes takes it, on "special occasions," and Jesus jumps into wanting to do it together. Lafayette is like, "We haven't even had breakfast together yet." And besides, V is weird. Different people and different environments and like random effects. Different parts of the shining world.

Jesus -- who does "dorky enthusiasm" about the best of any boy you've ever seen in life, of course -- says that, at the least, they trust each other, which means it'll be fine. Not even about sex. "It helps you connect even more to whatever magic you're already hooked up to." Which is true and Lala knows it, but never put it into those words. Jesus points out that he's clearly intuitive -- in the very specific sense required for work of this nature -- and Lala laughs. "So you're more like a shaman in a Sunday hat." As is Lafayette, Jesus reminds him, and they do the V, like jumping off of something tall, and it's fingerlicking good.

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