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And like usually happens on this show, there's a tremor and a scary little pause before her bravery is rewarded. Of course. "No. I will raise that child as my own. Do you hear me, Arlene? I want to marry you. And together we will surround that baby with more love than it can handle." Terry Bellefleur proceeds to show her exactly what that means.

Sookie has the information about how bad things got with Franklin, and Jason doesn't. So the whole time Jason's trying to explain why killing Franklin upset him so much, she's trying to tell him he's a hero. Except Jason has the information about what happened to Eggs, and Sookie doesn't, so they just go around and around. Finally he just spits it out: "I shot Eggs." He explains the story -- and it's way less self-hating than I was expecting, I mean, he tells it how it actually happened -- and brings us up to the current day: "Andy took over, and I ran, and I didn't know which lies to tell you or Tara... So I didn't tell you any. "

Sookie, of course, is a telepath and was born that way and not once in her entire life has she felt how much it hurts to have the skin ripped off something like that. She doesn't really understand the lies people tell each other, because she's never had the option of being alone. Jason points out that her ripping the skin off Eggs's lies for him got him murdered, for example, so this maybe isn't a 100% of the time policy. You can't always just burn the lies off and then hope for the best. Meanwhile Jason sees lying to Tara as his main job as a man: "I'm good at protecting people. It's like the only thing I do right, and that's what I'm doing."

They go around about like this for awhile -- which is neat, coming off that last scene -- and finally Jason points out that Sookie has no business even having this conversation, because nobody can lie to her. Except vampires, she says, and thinks really hard about what happened last night with Eric, and with Bill. Because who knows what Eric's thinking, really, and maybe he's telling the truth sometimes. And maybe Bill isn't, sometimes. And maybe Jason's right, and lies aren't something she understands at all.

But Jason thinks about how telling just one person made him feel better, it always does. And Sookie's not wrong when she says people eventually find out. So maybe ripping it off is the best thing to do, sometimes. If you want to be a man. If you really want to protect people, sometimes you have to give people what they need and not just what they want. Last night, with Eddie and Eggs, that was the worst feeling. But it happened, and he woke up today knowing that protecting people is what he's best at. So maybe sometimes Sookie's right, and the truth is what we need, even when it hurts us the worst.

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