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The Secret History

A second ago Luke shoved Jason out of the way and then yelled at everybody in Godric's house, so Sookie stood up all worried and outside, Lorena was crying, and Bill explained to her that it didn't matter if their immortal paths crossed again, because she was dead to him. Lorena said, "I wish you hadn't said that," in a regretful way that made it seem like a promise or a threat, and zoomed off down the street. Then everybody blew up and Bill zoomed inside, where there were just dead people, bloody people, and guts on the walls.

Eric's in the middle of the smoke and sparks, lying on top of Sookie, and when Bill takes her hand and she simpers in a daze, Eric points out that he totally jumped in front of her like a pimp, and she's fine. He groans and tells Bill to go get the other LODIs, so Bill zooms back into the street and pulls one of them out of a truck while the other one drives away screaming like a lunatic. Bill throws the kid down in the street and he's like, "We didn't actually think he would blow himself up," but Bill doesn't really care about that because Sookie is... Just fine... So he bites the kid.

Godric and Isabel come out into the horrors, and she goes around pulling bits of shrapnel and silver from their bodies and checking the vitals on the blowed-up humans. Godric stands in the middle of the carnage feeling totally bad. Over on the side, Sookie finally pushes Eric off herself, because he is gigantic and she is tiny. She spots Jason, dazed, through the fireplace, and he gives her the thumbs up. Everybody's really dirty and gross. She looks down at Eric, who looks like hell, and she goes, "Uh oh!" He groans about how he had to save her, and he's like, "But I had to save you!" She tells him to stop effing around and heal himself, and he says he can't because of the silver. She offers to go get Godric to fix him, and he tells her there's no time: She has to suck it out. "Eric, I can't!" she says reasonably. "It's too gross. And it's you."

Eric very dramatically falls back and does the whole dying/unable to finish a sentence thing you do when you're totally faking, and then pretends to pass out, and she goes, "Son of a mother," and sucks on his neck for awhile. His eyes sort of cross, but not because he's dying. She pulls her head up finally and spits the chunk of metal onto the floor, hilarious and manic and covered in blood, and he tells her there's another one. She protests for a second, then pulls down his racerback and sucks on his chest for awhile, and he looks down at her and watches for awhile, and then smiles in the most delightful way.

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