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The Secret History

"If you think I'm gonna let him wander around all hours of the night for the rest of his life with an orphan vampire, you got another thing coming." Having successfully repelled the one good serve Jessica's given, she goes for the jugular, turns the one victim thing against her -- which is the razor's edge of Bon Temps, to be pathetic but not too pathetic; like how you can be charitable but you don't want poor people stealing your stuff -- and Jessica pops understandable fang. "I believe that's up to Hoyt," she says forcefully, and Hoyt realizes this whole thing just went to hell.

Maxine promises to fight for what's best for "her boy," and Jessica swears the same. "I can give him everything a human could," she says, and she's almost right, but Maxine picks out just one ugly thing and applies it like a razor: children. Babies. None of those. Hoyt makes a sad sound, and the blood wells up in Jessica's eyes as her fangs retract (maybe the best visual effects in this entire series to date, I rewound to watch that more times than I did Eric's naked ass) and she jumps up and peaces.

"Well, now you did it. You happy?" Hoyt takes off with Jessica, who is completely undone at this point, and when Maxine asks when he's coming home he throws down some cash and tells her: never. Alone, she overlooks her sweet tea for the rest of Hoyt's beer, and when she asks Arlene for another she gets the wink of racist solidarity.

The fly watches, unnoticed, as Maryann and Tara and Eggs play cards that seems to mostly involve taking shots. They quibble over the rules, and Maryann laughs, "We play by my rules. That means no rules!" Tara throws the cards in the air, and she approves. There's a knock at the door, and Lafayette comes in with Lettie Mae. Maryann is immediately attracted to Lafayette, who's the closest thing in town to Sookie that isn't actually the same, like Barry, and both Tara and Eggs grimly go, "That's Lafayette." Tara's immediately hostile, but Maryann invites them to pull up a chair and play strip poker. Tara and Eggs holler about that, and Maryann asks, "Ms. Thornton, what's your drink?" Which is fucked up. "Vodka," says Tara. "Whiskey. Hairspray. Antifreeze..."

Lafayette is impressed at her callousness, and asks if she's even in there anymore, and she downs a shot. Maryann produces a bottle vodka, offering it to Lettie Mae: "All yours. Look, the bottle's sweating. Icy cold, thick, pours like oil." Tara loves it, but Lettie Mae just stares. Lafayette notifies Maryann that, though he doesn't know what she is, he is feeling her, and has received the message that she's a soulless bitch. She laughs at him. Tara pouts showily for Maryann's approval, but Lettie Mae is strong.

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