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The Secret History

Outside, Bill is also sucking, but then pulls back and tells the kid to get out of there, with blood all over his face: "You tell the cowards who lead you, the cowards who send children to do their killing, that a vampire showed mercy where they had none!" The kids runs off and Bill feels terribly hungry. Inside, Jason stomps out a burning ember, and then notices Luke's hand in the middle of a puddle of blood, wearing his ring of honesty. Heh.

Isabel reports to Godric that Stan is dead, and two vampires we don't know, and two humans. Everybody else is just fucked up; one of the vampires in the back of the room mutters that it wasn't really a very good bomb. As though it didn't serve it's purpose, which had nothing to do with anybody in that room and everything to do with Luke and his God. With rising to a higher state of consciousness, for one beautiful moment, and shine like the sun. Like any other fundamentalist denied sex, who sublimates that energy into rage and then on up to God. Everybody thinks they're crazy? They are ecstatic. A few bumps and bruises is a small price to pay for immortal bliss. In this, they see God.

Bill rushes back inside, where Sookie's dining on Eric's right nipple, hunched over like a revenant. She looks up, manic and hilarious, covered in blood, talking a mile a minute like she's on ecstasy: "I sucked silver out of Eric's chest! And saved his life! Even though I really didn't want to!" Eric lies back easily, grinning up at Bill, in flagrante and loving it: "She was superb." Bill shakes his head, disappointed and frustrated, knowing Sookie's going to feel worse than he does about it: "Eric was in no danger. He..." Sookie's stunned. "A tiny falsehood," Eric agrees, looking up at her with a wriggle.

While pieces of vampire crawl down the wall like those sticky hands and spiders you get from the quarter machine, Bill is just beyond saddened. "He was already healing. The bullets would have pushed themselves out." She stares up at him, so innocent and so totally covered in blood. "This way, he's forced you to drink his blood." She starts screaming as Bill explains that -- just as with Lafayette, remember -- they're now connected and Eric will be able to sense her emotions. She yells at Eric, calling him a "big lying a-hole," and Eric grins. "Bill, you're right, I believe I can sense her emotions." She smacks his chest and runs into Bill's arms like a squirrel up a tree. "I'll never do anything for you again. Monster!" He makes fun of them, and stands up while Bill tries to comfort her. "I think I'm gonna cry," he says. Not yet, but you're going to.

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