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The Secret History

As though any of this has to do with anything. Sookie doesn't know about politics. The image has nothing to do with the reality. The only time I met Bush Sr. and Barbara was at the opening of a Planned Parenthood in West, TX. I don't know how you do politics in Louisiana, but fucking grow up. The meaning is not the message. None of this is about their best interests, it's about the vampires' political interests and nothing else. Sarah Palin's retarded baby deserves health care no matter how much she doesn't want him to have it.

"For getting kidnapped? For attracting a suicide bomber? For piss-poor judgment? I think not." How great if she'd been like, "Yeah thanks, Archuleta." Eric gets all pissy and Isabel grabs him. Godric tells him to chill, and that it doesn't matter, and everybody sits down again. These are jumpy motherfuckers. She asks Godric to outline the bombing for her, once again, which has nothing to do with job and everything to do with hers. "I sacrificed everything for that child without a thought for myself. He doesn't notice."

That's Maxine, in that she's the one that's talking, but it's really just Godric some more. "He doesn't care. He isn't grateful. He's running wild now, he's headed straight for hell." Before Maxine can make her son's latency even more about her, which it already is, Maryann comes in, shrouded in wind, covered in leaves. They never neglect to connect her power to nature. It's such an amazing image. Maxine is cowed, as Maryann stands in the middle of Merlotte's. "The God Who Comes* demands his sacrifice. Where is Sam Merlotte?" Arlene's eyes are black, as she reports that he's been gone all day, yet again. "A while back he was planning to leave!" Terry tattles, on an unrelated note. Maryanns' voice gets stupid/scary: "Bring him to meeeeee." Everybody's eyes shade black.

*(Think about it.)

Andy's drinking whisky in his motel room watching some inane show about battling ostriches when there's a knock at the door. It's Sam Merlotte, naked. God, I love motels.

"What a fucking fiasco. You're lucky I don't send you all to the Magister. Godric, come to my suite and fill out the forms." Godric tells her he will, just as soon as he has his say. "I'm sorry," he says, to everyone. I apologize for all the harm I've caused, for all our lost ones, human and vampire. I will make amends, I swear it." Sookie stares, knowing what he means: to give it weight, to give it some kind of meaning. Eric finally figures it out. Nan's blissfully unaware, patting his arm -- "Take it easy, it's just a few signatures" -- and leaves with her people. Eric comes to him like a lover, begging him to reconsider. "Look in my heart," he says calmly, and swears there's nothing left to say. "There is," Eric cries out, and Godric agrees: they can talk on the roof.

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