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The Secret History

He's the oldest vampire in the New World. The most beautiful. The most powerful. The thing that they are capable of. And he is going to say goodbye. Somebody has to be there, somebody has to write it on her heart. To keep him alive, like Gran and Momma and Daddy Stackhouse. Like Eddie, and Amy, and all the rest of what we've lost. Somebody has to be there: Somebody who loves him. Somebody has to be there because Eric can't be.

"It doesn't make sense, but... You understand?" He does. That's like every conversation they've ever had. It's beautiful. Their song plays, twisted right again, and Bill stands alone.

"Two thousand years is enough," Godric's say, but Eric won't accept it. "It's insanity," he shouts, and Godric shakes his head: "Our existence is insanity. We don't belong here," he says, looking into Eric's eyes. Immortality, divinity passes. "But we are here," screams Eric. "It's not right!"

"We're not right," Godric says quietly. Eric gets mad, saying that Godric taught him there was no such thing as right and wrong: Just survival, and death. Two thousand years ago that was only slightly more true than it is today. "I told a lie, as it turns out." Eric swallows, gulping at his anger. "I will keep you alive by force." Godric shakes his head. "Even if you could, why would you be so cruel?"

Eric's gift for rhetoric is Hoyt's equal; he code-shifts to Swedish. "Godric, don't do it." That little bit of intimacy, that little reminder. "There are centuries of faith and love between us," Godric says, begging him to leave off. He falls to his knees, weeping like a child. The tears flow hot. "Please," he cries. "Please." On his knees, begging. Eric Northman, on his knees, begging in syllables.

"Father, brother, son: Let me go."

The blood drips as he tries. He does try, to go cold. It doesn't work. He swallows. "I won't let you die alone," he says, making a pact with himself, and Godric smiles. "Yes, you will." It bends him in half.

Godric touches him; Godric raises him up: "As your Maker, I command you." With Godric's hand upon his neck, blessing him, Eric says goodbye. He finally stands up, and walks away. Sookie catches his hand at the stairwell: "I'll stay with him. As long as it takes." It wells up in his throat, and he can say nothing. So he doesn't.

"It won't take long," Godric says. "Not at my age." She nods, and tells him she's got it figured out: the Fellowship part wasn't so smart. Of the whole plan, he shouldn't have trusted them. The meaning of acts is beyond them now. He nods. "I thought it might... Fix everything, somehow. But I don't think like a vampire anymore." He thinks of something better. He sees the world, stretched out in the sunlight, and his place in it. Finally.

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