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The Secret History

In a healthy culture, we could have both sides of the Kandinsky; there wouldn't be any repressed thing squirting out into the consciousness, trying to contain women's bodies or legislate love or put industry before the health of your countrymen. We would have a choice about these things, instead of taking one side of worship and saying it's okay, and stuffing the other side away in the dark. And I'm not talking about pagans here, because I don't care one way or the other: I'm talking about snake handlers, and suicide bombers, and those TV megachurches where the people laugh and roll around on the ground. That's the kind of shit that happens when you ignore half the world.

That's all Maryann's ever said to them. And because she's His oldest priestess, she gets to have her say. Because honestly, watching her tear up about this has a lot more meaning for me personally than watching somebody do the exact same shit when talking about Jesus Christ -- we'll get to him a little later -- which is American as apple pie, and we don't blink at it. Texas is a chessboard, vampires vs. the Fellowship, but those are just two kinds of Apollo. The rest is all her. God knows I love Jason Stackhouse, but the Bon Temps half of this story will always win with me, because it's real. It's in everything we do. If it's boring, that's why. If it all seems like the same thing over and over, it's because we're so used to ignoring it we miss the journey.

"I have a little theory about blacking out," Maryann says. "Maybe you rose to a higher state of consciousness." Eggs thinks, because she's really just saying the same stuff she and Daphne always say, but more honestly and clearly than ever before. Tara sighs, and points out that -- as I said last week -- the human body defines a limit: "We're all bashed up. There's nothing higher about that except for we must have been high. My mama blacked out for months at a time, I'm a blackout expert." Maryann questions this, and she confirms it angrily.

"What about the saints of India? What about the mystics of every religion? They would black out. Run and dance through the streets, levitate, act like monkeys, run around naked. Everybody thought they were crazy." Tara says -- and I challenge you to imagine that your ability to agree with her is directly proportional to your own self-centered and/or racist views -- that they were crazy. Meaning they are crazy, which is obnoxious, because charismatic religions and sects in the world actually outnumber those that engage in the quiet desperation of what we in this country think of as normal worship.

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