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The Secret History

Instead of rocketing between black and white a hundred times a day, or trying for both at once all the time, vibrating across state lines like Maryann, we turn everything grey: Cram it into a couple hours of hassle on a Sunday, or ignore it altogether to make gods of our eating habits, or our kinks, or our lovers, and then wonder why our hearts and minds are getting sicker. If Miss Jeanette were here, she'd recommend Tell My Horse by Zora Neale Hurston, also from that same period, which pretty much changed my entire view on religion, emotion, passion, relationships, the unconscious, and our humanity. But she's not, so I have to.

But also, Maryann's heart has been touched, for the first time. We've seen her frustrated when people won't join the party, and we've seen her feelings get hurt, as a woman, but we've never seen her honestly moved like this. When she weeps, she weeps for Tara, who denies God yet again. Which goes beyond charismatic and into evangelical, which I don't appreciate, because that's where evil comes from, but at least it's something:

"No, Tara. They were ecstatic. All that fake civilization bullshit just fell away so they could dissolve into the infinite. So they could lose themselves, and unite with their God." Her voice is beautiful, yearning. They stare at each other as she goes to the fridge, and Eggs mouths, What the fuck was that? and Tara doesn't know. The Kandinsky flips, and Maryann's pissed again: "Look at you. A few bumps and bruises? That's a small price to pay for bliss." She dips back into the fridge, flipping into a smile and a hum: "Bloody Mary, anyone?"

Sam watches a fly buzzing around his cell while Mike Spencer and Jane Bodehouse beg Sheriff Bud Dearborn to let them out: "All I did was lose my pants, there's no law against that!" she says; "I only got your word for it I was mating with a pine tree," he complains. They scream; Sam joins them "You got no evidence, Bud! You got no right to keep me locked up!" He's caged. He knows she's coming.

Sookie wakes up and takes her pajamas across the hall to somebody's room who turns out to be Jason, wearing a Carmilla bathrobe. They can't sleep. (Good, you guys! It's daytime.) Later, he explains to her how the Newlins got to him: By making him think he was worth something. From Sookie's perspective, this is ridiculous, because he was the star of their family in Bon Temps, and she was "the throwaway." He says it's not true, then realizes that it is: "Well, they liked my athletics and my good looks, my sex abilities." But their trip to Dallas has taught him that none of the things they thought mattered actually mattered. Very small town/big city. They both ended up hustlers, even. "They didn't like me for me. And Steve and Sarah... Well, they acted like they did, before they tried to kill me." Which doesn't denigrate it any more than the things Amy taught him, or what Maryann's teaching Tara, but he's allowed to be upset.

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