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The Mask & Mirror

My take is that Jessica probably doesn't know the whole story with blood and sex and those various bonds and whatever, so it's also an accidental reversal of Bill's original fake-out on Sookie that started this whole mess. Like father, like daughter -- twice now -- and she doesn't even know it yet. Isn't that so sad? Jessica : Innocence :: Godric : Peace.

Jessica: "Are you sure you don't need saving from something?"
Jason: "Sorry."
Jessica: "Nuts. Okay, but still. As a superhero, I'm going to ask you to get your cute self on back inside. It's a full moon and there are fifty thousand kinds of creatures on this show."
Jason: "There is no safe place for me. I panther alone."
Jessica: "Back to this werepanther deal, are you sure that's a thing? I don't mean to be patronizing, but you're kinda..."'
Jason: "I know, it's okay. Yeah, I'm fairly certain that werepanthers are real. First, though, I am going to have a panic attack."
Jessica: "Look deep into my boobs and take deep breaths and chill deeply out."
Jason: "Is this because I'm turning into a panther?"
Jessica: "I used to talk my mom down."
Jason: "Your mom is a werepanther?"
Jessica: "...Yes, you halfwit, a werepanther that was constantly having panic attacks due to being a willing mute accomplice to my father's horrific abuse of his kids."

Jason: "I feel like I should keep saying the name Hoyt until I can stop looking at your boobs. Hoyt. Hoyt. Hoyt. Nope."
Jessica: "Well, being the only working employee in the entire restaurant with the exception of the line cook can wait. I am going to sit here with you while you change. Firstly because we are swiftly falling in love of some kind, and secondly because when I changed into what I am, it was in the back of a car and it was so brutal that it rearranged the entire inside of my head."
Jason: "I feel that won't go so well for me, having so much less to work with."
Jessica: "Let's focus on sitting on this log and waiting for whatever."

Another way Jessica's recapitulating Daddy Bill: Thinking she can have it all. Thinking Pam is wrong, that just loving both sides of her nature -- which she does better than anybody on this show -- is enough that they'll leave each other alone. As though simply being in love with your existence is enough to keep your heart at peace.

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