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The Mask & Mirror

He make the rattlesnake bite Jesus, gets one of his witchy ghost sons to invade Lafayette's body, and calls it a day.

Apparently Lala -- maybe like his mom? -- is a natural medium, that's why his powers are so important and also why he keeps being the one thing that completes the circuit, and also by channeling this Tio of Jesus's, he somehow gets enough power to spontaneously cure Jesus of his recent snakebite. (Or maybe it was a magic snakebite?)

Something, it's not really clear, but that's the vibe I got from watching bonus materials this week. And I like the idea of Lafayette getting shoved into being a healer or whatever by the danger of his loved ones, because he always talks such a good "fuck this" game but invariably it's his love for everybody else that fucks him over. That turns him into something new.


Sam: "Tommy! Why are you dead! I thought we were going to turn into animals! But no! Instead you puked all over my house! This is why we can't have nice things! Skinwalkers puking and ghost voodoo fires and the black ichor of immortal goddesses all over my shit! At least I have a hot girlfriend with permanently erect pepperoni nipples, though. At least that hasn't been taken away from me."


Tara: "Remember how Toni smoked and we used to have that same fight about it all the time like any moderately annoying couple? I'm going to smoke a cigarette now. But not because I'm Toni the Smoker, because I'm Tara the Cheating Non-Smoker. Turns out addiction doesn't really care about identity theft."
Naomi, verbatim and fairly wonderful: "Kinda like saying goodbye to her. I think I might like Tara better. We just met, but it seems like she's been through a hell of a lot and she's doin' the best she can. She's also really beautiful. And smart. And good in bed. I'm looking forward to getting to know her better."

True. Tara has been through a hell of a lot, and generally is doing the best she can. More people should remember that in this town, and not just be thrown off by how she's so miserable and acts so shitty all the time.

Naomi: "Let's go back to before and just call each other our real names."
Tara: "Okay, I forgot to mention how everybody but you is still here and getting menaced and stuff, and I feel bad about ignoring that for the last year. Maybe I shouldn't leave right away. I mean, it's not like 'cagefighting' is a real job or we get benefits or..."
Tara: "...Okay, actually though New Orleans does have its advantages."

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