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The Mask & Mirror

Marnie: "This reminds me of that time Antonia made all the vampire priests and nuns get out of bed and walk out into the sun and burn to death. I bet she had a good reason."
Suddenly Antonia: "I totally did! Just let me crawl into your face through your mouth and scribble over your shitty personality like a kid with a Sharpie, and we'll see what happens. There's still half the season left before Halloween comes, so we're going to have a lot of time to start shit and be totally awesome."
Marnie: "That's exactly the kind of terrible idea I most love to gnnghnnn."

Then she becomes awesome.


Jesus: "Okay, first we have to hang out in this field and wait for an animal to walk up to us and volunteer for a sacrifice. Then I guess something else will happen."
Lala: "Wait, what?"
Jesus: "Look. I am willing to turn into the thing that I hate if it means protecting you."
Lala: "That statement does not give me the pause that it should, knowing what I know of this show."
Jesus: "Okay, here we go. Like this rattlesnake, see? Cascabel means rattlesnake. Cascabel."
Lafayette: "I always feel condescended to when you pull that Dora The Explorer shit."
Jesus: "I'd better put this cascabel en mi bolsa. La bolsa means bag, or purse. Mi bolsa."


Sookie and Jason hang out near the woods in case he turns into a panther.

Sookie: "It's so crazy how this show has so many characters and storylines and supernatural creatures. I'd better remark on that each week. It makes me sassy and likeable. The books often use me as the grounded intelligent one, but we can't do that too much here because I'm also in charge of the show being a romance satire."

Oh, and this was awesome: "Until what happened with Eric, I thought witches were just in fairy tales. Or at that goth store at the mall, buying pentagram stretch-pants."

Jason: "I'm just afraid of turning into a panther and killing you!"
Sookie: "Based on my extensive personal experience, I can state for the record that you will retain your basic personality and intelligence while in panther form, and thus I am in no danger, and neither is anybody else. I'm not going to state that, since there would be no scene at that point, but I could."

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