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The Mask & Mirror

Jason: "I just don't want to be a freak."
Sookie: "I'd better take umbrage about that oblique reference to my disability. That makes me sassy and likeable too."
Jason: "Sookie, don't. And it don't."
Sookie, awesomely: "You're right. That would be an asshole thing to do. Let's get back to you."

Jason: "Are you some kind of magical creature that stops being self-centered during the full moon? Is that a faerie thing?"
Sookie: "No, but I bet your bizarre skill with sex and shooting and being crazy hot is a faerie thing."
Jason: "That makes me feel included. Go fetch me a snack, woman."
Sookie: "I'm happy to!"

Jason promptly disappears while she's getting his snacks together, so she goes wandering out into the woods.

Sookie: "Jason! I better find you before I get distracted and wander into some other storyline! I'm warning you, that is very likely!"


Used to do this thing where the ostensible protagonist of a story would be appalled by, say, the racism of another character, while simultaneously doing something as bad or worse. Like you'd have the sniveling white guy horrified when his mother gives a little black kid a nickel, but really this is because his privilege makes him racist squared, and he thinks he's above it. Part of her point, obviously, is to implicate you in this telescoping superiority. Then you question whether you're really 100% right too, because it's also true in life: Our self-righteousness exposes our areas of blindness more than our outright misbehavior, and this is because God loves irony so fucking much that He should just marry it.

Which is to say that dragging your lezzzzzzbian girlfriend through Merlotte's -- holding her hand and spanking her ass -- probably this feels very good in one way, because you're declaring yourself. And because showing her the dirty places you used to work feels good because she's getting to know your town and your history and not Toni, sure. And in another way, it's nice to feel the racist and homophobic eyes of the Merlotte's homeboys on you, wanting you and hating you in several different ways at once. And probably it is nice to finally figure out the thing that gay people always eventually figure out, which is that it is a fucking relief to get left out of certain areas and transactions and reindeer games. Probably all those things make you feel good.

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