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Jesus, Tara and Lafayette drink beers at the house, that wonderful carnival of a house, and talk about the Eric thing more and more. It's very Greek tragedy how they don't even need to worry about it, but worrying about it is going to make things happen. Of course, if the spell goes away or wears off, Eric is going to genocide Louisiana just out of embarrassment, so I guess maybe that's the view they're taking. Just the thought of the spell going away or wearing off makes me nervous because New Eric is so grand.

Lafayette: "I am going to Fangtasia! to beg for mercy."
Jesus & Tara: "That's a terrible idea. Plus you are post-traumatic about that place."
Lafayette: "Tara, you should go back to your pretend life. Bon Temps is doing its usual thing to you where everything is terrible."
Jesus & Tara: "We should be like the Three Musketeers of not really having a plan other than not wanting you to feed yourself to Eric."

They have a conversation about how Jesus can convince Lafayette to do things, and also that it was his idea -- such as moving in together, during the lost year -- but after the Jessica thing I don't really want to talk about it. My feelings are a little bit hurt right now.


Next AM Andy Bellefleur is not doing so well at all. His V addiction has the better of him, no mistake. He calls Jason who is still missing -- "You've reached Officer Jason Stackhouse; if this is an emergency, dial 911 and ask for me" -- and it's really sad. He does that doublespeaking thing he does where he's like, "You're a public servant! You can't just disappear!" but really he's scared and needs to talk to his friend. Apparently Jason has been his sponsor in an almost real sense? Anyway, Andy has not the serenity to avoid the demon drug, and before you know it he's sucking blood off his finger in a sensual and terrifying and super-extra-creepy way.

Sam shows up then, all tail wagging and bright morning eyes, and Andy -- out of shame, and V excitement, and generally being an asshole -- starts a huge fight with him over nutty imaginary things, throws a punch, gets punched, and eventually pulls a gun on Sam. It's really sad and Sam, you know, he's the nicest. So he is weirded and worried about Andy's new kind of crazy. But since it's Andy "I Saw A Goddamn Pig" Bellefleur, you know it's gonna take more than just pulling a gun on Sam Merlotte for people to notice.

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