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Panther No Panth, I'm Going Thwimming

Speaking of, Hoyt and Jessica find Jason Stackhouse bleeding on the side of the road, nearly unconscious, and Jessica opens a vein without a second thought. And the last thing he sees before passing out? Her beautiful face, looking like an angel. Like Jessica wasn't already compromised enough, now she's gonna have the burden of Jason Stackhouse's sexy dreams plus however he ends up working out his trauma.

Tommy tells his Mama about how kick-ass literacy can be, and notes that Melinda's got some new scars. This latest time, she says, she barely made it out alive: She's getting too old, and it was only Joe Lee wandering in with a lead pipe that saved her life. Tommy starts gearing up to talk about how horrible it is that Joe Lee exploits his shifter kin for cash, but then of course Joe Lee appears out of nowhere and throws a big chain around his neck and starts talking about how now Tommy is going to provide the family revenue. Instead of turning into a hummingbird or something, Tommy focuses on choking.

Out in the woods, Marnie's got it all set up with magic stuff and candles and the whole nine. Pam is there, with the major attitude that has become her whole deal, and threats are threatened, and then right when Marnie heads into the spell, Pam abruptly decides that this is bullshit and gets up in Marnie's face. Marnie's witch ghost responds by putting a spell on Pam that causes her face to rot off, and it's super gross. So Pam leaves, and the witch team just stare at each other and think about how once again Marnie has fucked them absolutely for no real reason.

Next week: Tommy gets out of his latest bind somehow, the werewolf politics thing starts up again, Marnie mumbles and acts annoying while Lafayette and Jesus and Tara stand around doing nothing for the fifth episode in a row, Sookie and Eric are sexually tense, King Bill does murky questionable stuff, and presumably the sex dreams kick in for poor Jason.

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