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Patrick: "No, don't do that."
Terry, after much drama: "Okay I won't."

Exeunt. Presumably back to Bon Temps.


Jessica is chowing down on a dude when the guards let a clearly drunk Jason inside. She cleans up and heads downstairs, where he tells her about his parents. She's concerned because they are friends, and asks him to tell her drunkenly all about it.

Meanwhile, also freaking out about this on the other side of the graveyard, Sookie has a quick flashback of every conversation she's ever had in the history of the show.

Jason: "I mean, we can't even define our relationship, and now..."
Jessica: "Um, all vampires are not the same. I hate to feel like I'm repeating myself, but..."
Jason: "I am just very wounded and childlike right now."
Jessica: "Then I have to kiss you. I hope I remembered to brush my..."
Jason: "Whoa, am I tasting another man's blood?"
Jessica: "Aw, fuck."

Jason: "Is he here right now? I better yell at him for undefined reasons that don't fit our situation, because our situation is unique."
Jessica: "I wish that you would demonstrate a little class in my house, but if you must..."

Jason: "Yo, dude. Sheriff's Department. What's your name, son? 'Cause she sure as shit don't know!"

Jessica, not really to her credit, reminds Jason that he's not learned the name of every cow he ever ate, and Jason -- who clearly is not as adept at code-switching in this fashion, hence his weirdly jealous freakout -- is offended because it sounds like she's saying he fucks cows, and they start fighting, and then they are physically fighting.

And so it is that the first time she feeds on him -- right? -- is now, when she attacks him just for pissing her off. And he responds by shooting her in the head, and so with her own blood and skull splattered on the wall behind her, Jessica throws him out of the castle. Seemingly for good.

As fucked up as it is to see happen, it's even more fucked up in practice, because here's Jessica's last 24 or 48 hours: Made a new friend, Tara who recently became awesome, got into a physical fight, lost her. Saw what Hoyt has turned into, managed to almost get into a physical fight with him, and now he's kidnapped which she doesn't even know about, and probably on his way to her house to kill her, which she certainly doesn't know about. And now Jason, her only real friend she's got, she kissed him and fought him and bit him, and now he's shot her in the head. It's just so fucking sad. Desperately. Especially since none of it is really her fault. I mean, stop coming at people, Jessica, but even so.

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