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And so when Sookie gets into her "maybe I don't want to be special" thing in this episode, I was curious. But now you're saying "envy," and that gives a whole new spin on it, because a lot of this season so far has been about wanting what the other side has. And if the shifter-killers are secretly jealous of shifters, of their fluid ability to change -- and Sookie's conversation about this is mostly externalized through conversation with Sam, a shifter -- then that puts a hugely different spin on the whole deal. Killing vampires out of envy, that's nothing new. But looking at the compulsion to both hate and to become shifters, that's a radically different motivation for a lynch mob to have, because then you're getting into homophobia and sexism, rather than racism. I mean, I usually resist queer politics on this show because it can blind you to other things that are going on, but in this case I think we should watch for it.


Hoyt: "I wish y'all hadn't seen me like that. In a dark alley with a vampire sucking on my neck. I feel like I lost every ounce of pride I ever had, and I don't know when that happened."
White Trash: "[Trashy conservative buzzwords.]"
African-American Trash: "And now they're trying to convince us that we oughta feel like shit about ourselves, because we ain't all special like they are."

See? There it is again.

Trash: "It's like it's some sort of crime now, being a regular human. And what about Christmas? When's White History Month? It's a takeover, I tellya. Why, pretty soon we might not have anybody to oppress at all!"
Hoyt: "I can't stand by and let that happen. I know I've lost a lot of blood and half of my characterization at this point only makes sense if you remember I dumped Jessica for glamouring me specifically, but please. Induct me. I feel more love, more acceptance in this hate group than I ever felt at church, or basketball, or anywhere."
Unrealistic: "That's what people don't get! Hate groups is about more than hate. If we started calling them 'love groups' nobody would join."

I get the twist here, but I feel like we already did it back when this group (literally, the same people) were the Fellowship of the Sun. And more subtly, at that. Maybe that's the point, too, though: That ignorant conservatives at least try to make sense when rich people are playing them like puppets, but left to their own devices and Chik-Fil-A franchises, it all goes to hell.

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