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Salome: "Prophecies or something. Like this one that said we couldn't kill Roman, but then apparently said we could, so we did, but we couldn't, so Russell. I cried!"
Boys: "You can't play the grieving widow and the leader of a coup at the same time."

Politically, she says, she wants to "share" power, not concentrate it, which makes very little sense right now except as a betrayal of mainstreaming, but which will in short order mean something very different than we think, or could even like imagine. Anyway, that's happening later on, whatever it is, so get ready! There are ways of looking at God that are more amazing than other ways.

Nora: "Don't you want to be part of our super special secret club?"
Eric, verbatim: "Never, you Bible-banging cunts!"
Nora: "I was a lot more interesting when I was crazy as fuck, at least I had a backbone. This sniveling shit is not a good color on me."
Bill: "Ah still believe that without peaceful coexistence between our species, neither species will survive. Mainstreaming is the only way."
Nora: "Just when you're feeling like the least cool kid in the room, Bill Compton. Every time."


Alcide and Rikki his Second do their training montage, with sexy results. She's like, "What are you doing?" and he's like, "What was obviously going to happen with this storyline" and she's like, "Why don't you just do some V so you can beat JD who is on V" and he's like, "No, that would be the intelligent thing to do, and also I saw the love of my life spiral down into crazy meth territory doing it" and this whole conversation, they are dry-humping.

Martha: "Training hard, I see. Get it? Werewolf boner joke! Anyway, JD told me he wasn't on V and that you were a poopy-pants and since I believe everything he tells me, I believed that too. Swore on my son's grave."
Alcide: "Respectfully, Martha? Your son doesn't have a grave. Because y'all ate him."
Martha: "Okay, here's the backstory. My first husband was Packmaster, and when he died, JD didn't claim it, even though everybody would have wolf-voted for him. Instead he devoted himself to raising Marcus to be Packmaster, to [and I quote] teaching him what only a he-wolf can teach."
Rikki: "It's true, I'll give them that."
Alcide: "But you guys, Marcus was the worst!"
Martha: "Nevertheless, it's JD's 'turn' now. You people. Anyway, I gotta take Emma for a walk now."

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