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Yes, there are still live racist chickens running around Don Bartolo's house just like last time. The interior, I don't remember from last time, but my friend Erik was like, "Does David Lynch live here?" There's a TV tuned to static and some off-kilter light bulbs and the whole thing just looks like a Nine Inch Nails video from childhood, and there's the hand chair with Jesus's sewed-up face on it, and finally DB appears and grabs Lafayette and he's like, "Jesusito spit on this family when he gave away our gift to you. Tonight, I spit back. Tonight, I will take back what belongs to me!" Lafayette's dialogue in this episode is nothing special, but he acts the fuck out of every scene, starting now: He spits right in Don Bartolo's face.

"I spit first, you sick fucking fuck."

Good. Any God worth loving would like you more, that's how you know. Fucking spit. Aslan isn't a tame lion. Right in the eye, if necessary. He's so close.


Sam: "Luna, stay in bed! Just like I told you the last hundred episodes!"
Sookie: "Hey y'all. I brought Luna a bunch of awesome things, like a Sonic burger and some trashy magazines, because we're apparently friends."
Luna: "Thanks, Sookie! And nice to meet you!"

Sookie: "Hey Sam, what if you could deplete your luminescence permanently?"
Sam: "Any other day I would say no, but I have to admit it would be a relief this week. Due to people constantly shooting at me and people like me."
Sookie: "So you're saying I should deplete my luminescence?"
Sam: "In a way yes, but also no, because I am now a hugely anti-human racist just like Hoyt randomly just flipped into being an anti-shifter racist, and thus would have to discriminate against you. Conserve your luminescence, unless of course you have a three-thousand year old vampire leading an army to suck your blood and that of your entire race. Then, I would say, it's a toss-up."


So Tara's on the pole. I'm of two minds about this.

On the one hand, this is a plum role for a talented and lovely black actress, in theory. On the other hand, it really tends not to be, in practice. On another hand, I've always thought that Fangtasia!'s whole physical setup (Faerieland! too, come to think of it) gives a lot of credence to the dynamic of stripping as worship. (cv. Salome above.)

They're not the main attraction, first of all, and they're on those pedestals, and the whole point is that vampires are more wonderful than we are. There's no thought of touching or exploiting the physical, because they are vampires and can murder you, they can protect themselves, so it really is just about being looked at, desired, worshipped. There's no real downside, because you can't really objectify a vampire against their will. She's not being forced into anything. So on the fourth hand, it's like, What Tara needs is some pride in herself. In herself as a vampire, but also -- if you think about it -- in herself as a body, as a woman with a body. Who is safe. She's like the well-adjusted sex worker that we all wish was real; she's the stripper unicorn, by virtue of circumstance. How's that work out? Let's take a look.

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