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Alcide banished Sam Merlotte from the region on pain of death, thereby ensuring that Sam would be returning to Bon Temps immediately. Jason bluffed his way into Vamp Camp, understanding that all of Sarah Newlin's power resides in pretending to have no power, and she retaliated by nearly getting Jessica raped. Jessica, for her part, is under the impression that Bill's visions of her death are certain -- and feels just guilty enough about Andy's daughters to hope it's true. Burrell's using the TruBlood shortage for genocidal purposes, Bill's high on vampire-faerie blood, and over in Faerielande Sookie and Ben finally sealed a -- but not the -- deal.


Eric, Willa and a quickly failing Nora have discovered the tainted TruBlood.

Willa: "What even is Hep V?"
Nora: "See how I look all horrible?"
Willa: "Oh, I see that now. Well, that sucks. Sorry, Aunt Nora."
Eric: "Willa, you go warn Pam. I'm getting Nora out of here. I have a dumb plan."

Eric and what's left of Nora sneak around for a long time while soldiers -- including Jason Stackhouse -- run hither and thither, alerted to a breach by the giggling guard they glamoured, who is lying in a pool of blood back in Eric's cell. Eventually Eric zoom-rolls under a truck for their escape, grabbing a guard on the way out to keep him quiet and eventually leaving his body behind on the road. He looks lovely, even in the cheesy hair-whipping romance pose of holding onto his sister like Lois Lane. What could he be up to?

Willa: "Sister Pam? What are you doing?"
Pam: "Yoga. What the fuck are you doing?"
Willa: "Why aren't you chained up like Eric and Nora?"
Pam: "That psychiatrist is right now vigorously masturbating about me."
Willa: "Do you know that because of psychic powers?"
Pam: "No, just being a person. Idiot."

Willa: "I'm here on orders from Eric, so be nice. We're escaping. In the meantime, don't drink the TruBlood. Also, Aunt Nora is close to dead of Hep V."
Pam: "That's actually kind of sad. Okay, don't tell anybody. If we all start refusing it, we'll bring down a genocide."
Willa: "Nobody?"
Pam: "Tara and Jessica. But that's it."

Softy. What follows is a hilariously dorky sequence as Willa, reveling in her mystique, does all kinds of superspy moves and quick-changes and cute stuff, eventually turning back from a pretend-doctor into a Gen Pop female. She's really good at this! Maybe Eric was right. It's been a long time since he was right about anything, so that's nice.

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