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Also: What just happened? Sookie can fuck everything up for everybody real quick, I get that, but even for her that was just... Sloppy. I mean, what was she gleaning? Was that about using her mind powers and not really caring about the other part, where somebody steps in and saves her? Because she got zero info. In fact, as they're leaving Hollis tells Alcide that his ex Debbie is going to marry Coot, the lucky bitch, and this information is more useful than anything Sookie got out of pointlessly causing a huge fucking disturbance among the one group of people that could actually help her with this investigation about which she still has no information whatsoever.

Franklin shows up at Sookie and Tara's house calling Tara by name, and he tells her about how Jessica was just a font of information about Tara, Sookie, Bill, the whole thing. Then -- another thing that rings untrue with this episode -- he glamours her into letting him in the house, after just one short joke about how she let Maryann into Gran's house and look how that turned out. But... What is the point of the Invite & Rescind rule if they can do that? "Can I come in?" No. "Are you sure?" Well, okay. I mean, Tara -- for being the strongest character -- is susceptible to mind control, and maybe this is just because forty-eight hours ago she was the devil's bridesmaid and it's still a little wobbly in there, but whatever it is, I don't like it. Find a better way.

Lorena follows Bill's beautiful tux into his bedroom/cell, wearing an amazing dress and slow-clap calling bullshit on his whole "bravura performance" about pledging loyalty to his new King. "Your only loyalty is to your own sentiment. It's your great failing. A century ago, it was to your human wife. Now it's that ridiculous waitress. You'll say anything to save her." Bill tells her that no, it was actually Lorena who cleared that one up for him, in a dream he recently had even though vampires don't sleep or dream. And how much he hates her for it. She pushes him around the room, with her aura, like angry dogs do. Every word she says, he is more and more disgusted with himself; she can feel him coming closer.

With his hand around her throat and tears of anger in his eyes, he shakes his head: "You are right. Is that what you wish to hear? You proved it to me once and now I've learned it again. You have won. You've deprived me of my freedom... And my home... My humanity. But I will never, ever love you." She takes his face in her hands, kissing him delightedly, and he throws her suddenly onto the bed, screaming never while his body cries for more. "Make love to me," she hisses, but she means the opposite.

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