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When Sookie arrives at Merlotte's, Tara reminds her how pathetic it is to come in on your day off -- "like going back to school and visiting your teachers" -- but Sookie assures her she's not there for teachers, she's there for Tara. Same diff. The latest bites in her neck are visible, vivid, vibrant against her skin. No scarves now, not anymore. She doesn't wear them proudly and she doesn't wear them in shame: she wears them because they are a part of her. She tells Tara to take a break, and reminds her that Sam is always pissed so they don't have to worry about Sam getting pissed for taking a break. After last week, Sam pissed wouldn't exactly be a bad thing anyway. In the kitchen, Terry Bellefleur starts to freak out under the pressure of reading Daphne's handwriting. When Sam sees the scratches, he starts to scream her name.

Then, another long gross scene in which the re-chained up Lafayette remembers a fact about himself, which is that he is a survivor, and a fact about Royce, which is that his ass was once magnetic. He turns the wheel to get himself closer to Royce's discarded corpse, eventually pulling the disembodied leg toward himself with his own legs. He bites through bloody plastic and gristle to free a large metal pin, which he twists into the chain holding him there, and rather quickly -- and heroically, considering how much barfing he manages to not do throughout this process -- has himself free. He stands up with a metal collar, with a foot or so of chain dangling from it -- giving the overall effect a disconcerting LeVar Burton flavor -- and limps toward the door again.

"So basically, you're like a stepmother to a vampire?" Sookie shrinks back from this assessment, but can't dispute it, and they laugh together. When it's time to talk about Tara, she shivers. "You know I've been living over at Maryann's for the last couple weeks?" Sookie nods, obviously unimpressed with this concept and probably picking up some of Sam's attitude about Maryann, but Tara doesn't really notice. "Well, in a lot of ways, I don't ever want to leave. I mean, everything is taken care of for me there. My bed gets made, my laundry gets done, there's breakfast on the patio served to you by a chef..." (Gingerbread House! Magic Gingerbread House!) and Sookie laughs. "Can I move in?"

Tara's like, for real! "But it scares me too. And maybe that's just because I'm not used to taking and not giving, but something inside me says, This is weird, Tara. Don't trust it. What do you think? Does all this sound too good to be true to you?" Sookie, nervous at the non-Sookie turn this conversation has taken, brings it back to herself, specifically the conflict of interest it represents, considering her errand. She takes Tara's hand, like a proposal, and becomes jokingly serious: "Tara Thornton? Would you like to move in with me?" (Consider here the possibility that part of this is about evening the score: You've got a new roommate, tied to you through unknowable bonds of blood and responsibility? I call.)

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