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"The Sheriff of Area Nine, in Texas, has gone missing. Have you heard about that?" Bill squints at him in the harsh F21 light. "I hadn't, but I... I know the vampire of whom you speak. His name is Godric, correct?" Indeed. Eric goes internal, for a moment, and speaks more quietly when he returns. "Now, it goes without saying he needs to be found. Which is where Sookie comes in..." Bill protests, but Eric reminds him that it's a formality: he's asking Bill to take his human to Dallas -- "across state lines," again -- but not because Bill has a say. Even if he weren't Eric, he still has a deal with Sookie that has nothing to do with Bill. She works for him. Of course, last time she worked for him, we got Jessica, so Bill's understandably irked over and above, but he stands his ground, staring up (up, up, up) at Eric's face like an obstinate hound. "Is No your final answer?" Bill growls in the affirmative, and Eric leaves him stewing and afraid: "Poorly played, Bill." He knows that.

Sookie parks at Jessica's behest, and they look across the street. "My Daddy won't be home yet. But my Mama and sister should be there." Two different statements, with two very different meanings, but Sookie doesn't know that yet. She watches, yearning, and behind her Sookie begins to cry. I think this is just straight-up bad writing, to get us from this place to the next place, but it does make Sookie seem even dumber than usual: she uses this moment as a pretext to start crying and apologizing for causing Jessica to get turned into a vampire. Which she barely did, it's not like she asked Longshadow to eat her face. But on the other hand: when you've survived so many people, when your mourning becomes so constant, maybe survivor guilt is just part of the wallpaper. Maybe it's because Jessica's the only dead person she can apologize to... Ooops, doesn't matter. There goes Jessica!

Zooming to the door, banging on it, screaming for her mother and her sister. When the door opens, a voice says quietly, "Fault: Front door." Can you imagine growing up in that? Before vampires, the Hambys lingered at the threshold, every coming and going measured, heartbeat racing, afraid to leave, afraid to let anybody in. Keeping the home and hearth as pure and untouched as he could.

Mom grabs her in a hug, and she says hello to Eden behind her. "Where were you?" she asks, and Mom assures her it doesn't matter: "Just call your father." Jessica doesn't like this, and falters for a moment before introducing her to Sookie. "My ... Friend." Sookie's eyes are, of course, bugging the fuck out because she just screwed the pooch and knows it, and the whole time she's like, DO NOT CRY, even as the mom is wigging out; she stares at the mom and tries to figure out a way out of this mess, trying to distract them before the mom... "Honey, your arm's like ice. Come on in and I'll make you some tea." And it's done. Jessica looks over at Sookie with a wild look, joyful almost and afraid, crossing a threshold, a state line, into the house: they're bad girls, on a wild night. Breaking the first rule. Begging her to be the big sister just a minute more.

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