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That sweet old racist drunk that Tara yelled at that time, Jane, notices Eggs coming in through the front door, and takes notice. Tara, who just today basically dumped him before they even got started, is not overjoyed. Possession, selling, armed robbery, assault, overpass. He's trouble. "Eggs, I'm working," she says, and he apologizes and asks her to hear him out. Jane stares at him, hungry and forward: "I'll hear you out!" Tara's appalled. "Jane Bodenhouse! You are a crazy-ass drunk, but normally you wait for some loser to hit on you. What the hell has gotten into you?" Jane's wearing a ridiculous side-pony and looks twice as nuts as usual. She admits she doesn't actually know, and wanders away. Welcome to Jacob on two shots of tequila, side-pony included, depending on the last time I saw Pam.

"Okay," Tara barks at him. "What?" Out on the floor, Maryann blesses Jane Bodenhouse. One hand lightly on her head, and Jane twirls underneath it, squeaking with joy. Confidence and sensuality. Behind Eggs, two men dance with a woman between them. Their bodies want to touch, touch everywhere.

"All right, listen," he says. "My dad left us when I was a little kid. So I don't remember shit about him, except this. He used to always say, 'You can't get what you want in life, so in order to get it, you're prepared not to want it.'" She laughs: that's her experience too. The opposite of all Maryann can teach us. "Well, I say fuck that. I wanna be with you, Tara, and I refuse to pretend I don't." She's touched, good opening, and the waves of abandon hitting her at once. We move from state to state.

Maryann whirls out of the dancing and grabs hold of Andy, blessing him. Momentary purpose, worship of the moment. "Detective Bellefleur, you come dance with me!" She's adorable, sexy, drinking him in. He stumbles with his words, after two many beers, but becoming sharper; he says he doesn't dance and she laughs. "With me you do!" We all do. She drags him into it, grinning and wild. It's his last night drinking, after all. Abandon, then moderation.

Jason's flossing, in pajama pants, when Luke surprises him. "Think you walk on water, don't you?" Jason's been through this, the jealous, and his stance is cool: "Pretty sure that was Moses?" Luke's disgusted by this complete lack of anything, and Jason shrugs when he explains it. "And what the hell was the deal with you snapping the American flag in half? Like you're some Muslim Buffy with a dick! That's all kinds of messed up." It's also totally awesome. Jason rolls his eyes and fakely apologizes that everybody else liked it so much more than Luke did, but Luke's not buying. Jason's smile falls: "Your being here is a joke, Stackhouse. They may not see it now, but they will. Day one might have went to you? Day two belongs to the Lukinator." He points at Jason's sad face, and then his own, and disappears.

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