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Eric tamps down on his emotion and begs Lafayette's pardon, but he's clearly been thinking about this. Probably long before the dungeon, even. "And you can put me to work in the bar. I'm a good dancer, you seen it on my site." Eric doesn't agree exactly, but he does move closer, and Lafayette lays on the sexy voice: "Shit, I get up there and move earth and heaven, gogo style..." Eric's tickled and playful, reminding Lafayette of the gaping hole in his leg -- "You're damaged goods!" he says, with pretend innocence -- but Lafayette knows more than he thinks: Not if you turn me. I'll be good as ever." Eric's surprised, again enough to show it.

"Look, I'm already a person of poor moral character. So I'll hit the ground running. And I damn near glamour people already. Give me what y'all got and it's on me, cracker." As much as I love the idea, I still have to admit that Lafayette is building a damn fine case here, logically. These are all true things. On the other hand, selling V is about as gross as anything considering it's not really a "drug" in the classic sense where you can at least pretend you're not linked to horrible shit and people dying all the time. V, the person actually dies. Even Amy admitted that part of it. And though Eddie was a special case, you're still involved. A wise poster on the forums compared V addiction and sales to kiddie porn: you're directly involved no matter what. If you did it, you've done it.

Pam's intrigued too, because she appreciates variety in all its forms, and looks to Eric. "Not only will I be a badass vampire, but I'll be your badass vampire." Whatever level of sexy and intrigued Eric was repping before now, it doubles. "Interesting," he says. Because it only took Lafayette this long to become Bill's opposite: the most vampire human of all. Lafayette's surprised, thinking it's a reprieve, but then it's not. Then it's chowtime. Eric gives the word and takes his arm, Pam the chest, and Chow on the leg. And Lafayette begins to howl.

"How could you let some bloodsucker bite you like that?" Jessica's dad asks, comparing his daughter for a second to Lafayette, and Sookie reacts to the epithet but Jessica reacts to something much deeper, much more insistent and vital and angry: "I didn't let anybody do anything to me. But oh, am I glad he did! Because now I get to homeschool you, in what it's like to be scared." Fault this.

Sookie's fast; Jessica's faster. She zooms at her father, holding him, and shoves Sookie away and down, gently almost: "Jesus Christ, Sookie. Would you shut the fuck up?" Eden worries at Sookie while Mom begs Jessica to chill: "This isn't you!" Jessica could laugh. "You don't know the first thing about me. You're too dumb to know anything." Sookie's offended on mom's behalf, like a good girl, but Jessica's serious. "Oh, what? She is dumb. She's dumber than a sack full of hammers, and he's as mean as a snake. And that's the way it's always gonna be around here." She looks down at Eden, crying, afraid. Doesn't really matter whose fault it is, this time: it's ending. "Right here, right now. And I am doing it with your belt." She goes for it, and he grabs at her hands; she's offended, disgusted: the belt stays on? After all this time? Eden's scared and he comforts her, before Jessica hurls him across the room, crucified, her hands at his wrists. She breathes, then loops the belt around his neck. (Why? No reason vampires could explain. This is all for her. This is her liberation, the shape it takes. Cheer her on.) "Don't worry," she whispers. "This will only hurt for a minute." He went there first.

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